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Overtures Committee Releases Grounds for Its Recommendations

The Overtures Committee has submitted the following grounds for its recommendations to the General Assembly.

General Assembly Digest for June 12

Below is a summary of the decisions made by the Overtures Committee of the 46th General Assembly on June 12. The committee will reconvene on Wednesday, June 13, at 8 a.m. 

Women’s and Family Functions at General Assembly

Keeping with the theme of this year’s General Assembly, “Love God and Love Neighbor,” the GA Host Committee will be offering several opportunities for families of commissioners to serve the metro Atlanta community. “All of Scripture and life hangs on these two great purposes … loving God with all our hearts and loving others as…

Why Children Should Stay in Church

GA Seminar Makes Case for Bringing Kids into Corporate Worship

“[Children] are members of the covenant community and members of the church. It makes me sad to think that often we ship them down the hall and they don’t participate in the great event of the gathered church,” said Jason Helopoulos.

Jun, Novenson, and Pope to Preach at General Assembly

Ruling Elder and outgoing General assembly (GA) moderator Alexander Jun, along with teaching elders Joe Novenson and Randy Pope, will speak during the times of corporate worship at the 2018 General Assembly in Atlanta.  The first Korean-American moderator, Jun is a founding member and ruling elder at New Life Fullerton (PCA). He was first ordained…

GA Seminar: 13 Reasons Why the Church Needs to Talk about Suicide

The seminar will highlight the cultural context that makes a show like “13 Reasons Why” so popular, while providing guidance and resources to equip pastors who want to better understand the issue and minister to congregants who might be contemplating ending their lives. 

Loving Neighbors, Changing Culture

GA Seminar Examines Theology of Social Reform

Throughout most of Christian history a concern for the vulnerable led to founding orphanages, building hospitals, rescuing abandoned children, and teaching that one’s work is an act of worship to God.

GA Seminar on Domestic Abuse Aims to Prepare Churches for Traumatic Ministry

A trained counselor, Joan Stratton McConnell knows abuse lurks in the church. She has worked with Westminster’s pastoral and ministry staff in abuse situations and helped the session understand and embrace a recognize-respond-rescue approach to abuse.  

GA Creates an Opportunity to Love Neighbors

Here's How to Help

“Some of us began to wonder if we could go beyond just talking about love of neighbor and actually create opportunities to be loving neighbors to people here in Atlanta during GA.” Two service projects and a giving opportunity are the result. 

Overture 25: Evaluating the Un-ordained Diaconate

The overture proposes that presbyteries require all congregations within their bounds without an active ordained diaconate to report their reasons for this and whether or not they have created an un-ordained body of servants

Of Interest Around The Web

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