“Love God and Love Neighbor” is the theme of this year’s General Assembly (GA) in Atlanta. The host committee is taking steps to make that phrase a reality during the week of June 12-15. 

“Some of us began to wonder if we could go beyond just talking about love of neighbor and actually create opportunities to be loving neighbors to people here in Atlanta during GA,” says Hace Cargo, assistant pastor at Brookhaven Presbyterian Church. 

Two service projects and a giving opportunity are the result. 

On Tuesday, June 12, interested commissioners and family members will get to help host a block party with Friends of Refugees, a ministry that serves the refugee populations in Clarkston, Georgia. On Wednesday, June 13, there will be an opportunity to assist with a variety of clean-up projects in tandem with Restore Life, a community development organization that Central Georgia Presbytery has adopted.

“The things that happen at every GA — the opportunity to worship together, fellowship together, and do the business of the church — have a lasting impact on our denomination, but may not have much effect on the cities that host our annual gathering. Our hope is that this GA can do those things and also do something to have a lasting impact on this community and our neighbors here.” 

Members of the host committee hope that these service projects will contribute to that potential impact, as well as the opportunity to contribute financially to these organizations. The “Love Neighbor Gift” will largely go to the construction of a worship space at Friends of Refugees’ development center. The new building would provide a worship space for multiple refugee congregations that have been served by PCA churches and MTW missionaries sent to Clarkson.

groups, like a church made up of Karenni refugees, a special place to worship God in their own language and custom. 

“The hope in the long run is that …whatever we’re able to do this year would be a small start … something that we can celebrate and then in years to come … we could tackle bigger and bigger things together as the years go forward,” Cargo concludes.

Click here to sign up for one of the service projects or learn how to contribute to the Love Neighbor Gift.