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Byfaithonline.com is the web magazine of the Presbyterian Church in America. The title is inspired by Hebrews 11 and the realization that just as it was “by faith that Abraham obeyed and went…,” we live by faith today.

At the same time we were reminded that we all need help, and we were humbled by how God has blessed our denomination. We have—in our pulpits, pews, and classrooms—men and women who can “build us up and spur us on toward love and good deeds.” Byfaithonline.com is where you can hear their stories and be encouraged by their lives; it is where you can be connected to God’s people, and drawn into the life of the church.

What’s more, byfaithonline.com is where readers can be equipped to think biblically about the social and theological issues that shape our world. It’s where they’re encouraged to use their gifts creatively in every facet of life, and thereby become a more involved part of God’s plan and purpose for the world.

Byfaithonline.com is created from a Reformed/PCA perspective, and provides a Christian world-and-life view. Where there’s struggle, controversy, or debate we handle issues graciously, always striving for the peace, progress, and purity of the Church.

Informing, Encouraging, and Involving the People of the PCA

ByFaith is created for members, guests, and staff of the 1,500+ PCA churches in the United States and Canada. And the magazine exists to provide—

News—of PCA churches, agencies, and committees. And also information of interest throughout God’s broader kingdom.

Practical information—for men and women who want to apply their faith in the ordinary things they do, and who are looking for ideas and information.

Stories that spark creativity—whether our readers are stay-at-home moms, in business, science, education, or religion—byfaithonline.com inspires them to live transformed lives before a watching world.

Reliable theology—the Reformed faith holds the answers to many of the questions our culture is asking. Byfaithonline.com equips people to respond—at the office, at the supermarket, and in the church.

Submitting Articles

ByFaithonline Writer’s Guidelines

We encourage editorial contributions from writers in every walk of life. Theologically, byfaithonline.com’s writers are Reformed, and believe the faith is practical and applicable to every part of life. Most of our writers (though not all) come from the PCA.

Our Purpose

ByFaith provides news of the PCA: its churches, agencies, and committees. We’re here to connect the members, guests, and staff of the PCA to a vibrant and thoroughly engaged denomination. We strive to equip readers to become a more active part of God’s redemptive plan for the world, and to help them respond – biblically and intelligently – to the questions our culture is asking.

Our Magazine

We publish articles (generally 500 – 3,000 words) in five areas:

Stories that provoke thinking and creativity—For stay-at-home moms, for those in business, law, education … we want to encourage readers to become a more active part of God’s redemptive work in the world. We’d love to see stories about people—from every walk of life—creatively living out their faith, and carrying out the cultural mandate. And with those stories, stimulate readers to think about the significance of the lives and work for the sake of the Kingdom.

Very practical theology—Our readers are serious about the Reformed faith, and they understand that it holds the answers to many of the questions their neighbors are asking. We want to help them respond—at soccer games, in the supermarket, and at the office. And in every case, help people think and speak wisely—in the world—and in the church.

Articles that help readers understand the arts and culture—We hope to provide a biblical perspective on the things that shape society: art, music, books, television, movies—and help readers view these things from a Christian perspective. And, we’re interested in reviews of current books and movies as well.

Sensible, down-to-earth information—ByFaithonline.com isn’t an academic or theological journal. It’s for ordinary men and women who are living out their faith at the office, at home, and in the neighborhood. We want to delve into the importance of business in God’s redemptive plan, we’ll develop a theology of caring for aging parents, we’ll discuss what the Bible says about money and investing, retirement…. In every area of life we want to enable our readers to be a part of God’s work, reconciling all things to Himself, and taking every thought captive.

PCA News—We’re especially interested in stories about churches and PCA committees, agencies, and ministries. We’d like to pass on the interesting, innovative, and touching things that go on throughout our denomination, and with those stories, inspire our people, stir their thinking, and help them make useful connections throughout the denomination.

Our Tone

Generally, byFaith articles should rely on real-life stories and practical examples. We like quotes from the people involved, from experts, and/or respected Reformed thinkers. But, we’re not an academic or theological journal. ByFaith is a down-to-earth magazine for men and women in every kind of God-given vocation. We’re grounded by a biblical, Reformed, and Presbyterian perspective. We promote a biblical world-and-life view. And we strive for the peace, progress and purity of the PCA and the Church at large.

We’re eager to hear from writers who bring a fresh perspective, who are eager to use their God-given gift, and with that gift, “spur us on toward love and good deeds.”

Please send editorial submissions to editor@byfaithonline.wpengine.com, and in the subject line indicate: “Editorial Submission.”

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