The Wisdom Pyramid: A Healthy Diet for the Soul

Ultimately, Brett McCracken hopes to remind readers of timeless sources of wisdom.


Ten Steps to the Mission Field

Greater glory to the Lord demands greater allegiance from his people. Crossing substantial barriers with the gospel is costly, risky, and requires careful coordination.


Musicians and Congregation Worshiping Together

How Andy Zipf’s Music Came Back to Church

For Zipf, this collaborative hymn-writing has contributed to his personal reorientation toward worship more broadly.


How Do We Love a Broken World?

Our Conversation with Steve Garber

We are called to be signposts of the kingdom in a world where nothing seems to have metaphysical or moral weight; and yet it does, and that it does, it is ours to steward, with imagination, winsomeness, clarity, and determination.

Evangelism and Gen Z

The gospel narratives that capture Gen Z might look a little different

For each generation the narrative that leads to Jesus is slightly different. And it has changed again with Gen Z, those born after 1997.

From former prisoners to Ivy League grads, PCA’s Unity Fund casts a wide net

“What the Unity Fund did and continues to do is show that the PCA is putting its money where its mouth is … [it] shows that [the PCA is] trying their best to help open the doors for other minorities especially in the PCA: ‘We want to see you guys develop and we want to put action into that.’”

Scott Sauls’ Antidote for Outrage

Our conversation with the author of “A Gentle Answer”

The way that Christians fight is chiefly through persuasion, not coercion; by attacking problems instead of attacking people; by holding in tension this concept that Jesus introduced of being full of grace and truth.

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