Overtures Committee Actions for June 10

The Overtures Committee convened on Monday morning and elected Teaching Elder Steve Tipton to serve as chairman. Here’s a summary of the committee’s actions.

Insights From The Presbyterian and Reformed Public Theology Conference

Political theory and engagement has always been a contentious issue. There’s a reason it is not considered a “polite” topic of dinner conversation, and yet, the current social and political environment seem to be especially contentious. Political debate rages throughout the United States — debates not merely concerning arcane tax policy or legislative process but…

PCA Agency collaboration webinar

One Church, One Mission

What does collaboration look like among the PCA’s agencies?

MNA has developed a vision for planting 1,000 PCA churches by 2033. Not only is it looking to grow the PCA in size, it’s looking to strengthen the health and vitality of PCA churches. To accomplish these broader goals, MNA leaders say the PCA will need greater cooperation among its agencies. On May 14 MNA’s…

Bible Design

Looks Matter: Why Good Bible Design Is Essential

And in the past decade, thoughtful design has grown more in Bible publishing spheres, whether we realize it or not. 


Does Character Still Matter?

For those who claim Christ character must matter, for Christ possesses power not merely to save but also to recreate his character in his people.

church plant

Three Things To Help Your Church Plant Survive

The truth is that our Lord God is the chief church planter and architect for ministry.

Grove City College
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