Caring For The Congregation AND The Community

Helping the poor is the privileged duty God has given us.

No matter how nice our church building is, or how much we have in the deacons’ fund, always remember that people are the treasure of our churches. 

Ministry Transitions

Recent pastoral and ministry transitions in the PCA.

Spiritual social dilemma

Our Spiritual Social Dilemma

Shining light into a dark place.


Frank Barker: 1932-2021

Few Men Were More Influential in the PCA

From the earliest days of the Presbyterian Church in America in the 1970s, few men were more influential than Frank Morehead Barker Jr.

Connecting a Congregation with God’s Word

Local Church Discovers the Power of Reading the Scriptures Together

Champagne’s Sunday sermons are inspired by the previous week’s readings, which has helped keep congregants engaged and enthusiastic about the commitment to God’s Word.

You’re an Ambassador, and Your Home is an Embassy

Rosaria Butterfield on “The Gospel Comes with a House Key”

In “The Gospel Comes with a House Key,” Butterfield weaves together memoir and theology to tell the story of her family’s commitment to “radically ordinary hospitality.”


Passing the Baton to Younger Pastors

A Crucial Generational 
Transition Within the PCA

Though it is easy for an outgoing pastor’s thoughts to gravitate toward his legacy, his focus should be squarely on the future.

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