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Three Favorite Books on Women’s Ministry

CDM has created a wealth of resources to assist local leaders create, build, and sustain healthy women’s ministry.

The Latest

Happy Thanksgiving

Called Home to Glory: James Anderson Smith

Humble, Faithful Man of God Who Served as GA Floor Clerk for 33 Consecutive Years
Ministerial Relief

Documents Manager Keeps PCA Publications In Order

Anyone who has ever reached for a PCA publication has Priscilla Lowrey to thank.


The Charge That Shapes Our Ministry: Christ at the Center of All We Do

We minister in Christ’s strength, not our own, as we seek to bring his message of redemption to a world in need of hope.

Porter's Gate

Felt and Feared No More: The Porter’s Gate to Release a Congregationally-Focused Christmas Album

This Christmas, The Porter’s Gate has produced Advent music that speaks to the complexity of this past year.

The Right Response to Tribalism

Tribalism turns a tribe into a center of worship.

Nature Proclaims Biblical Truths. Are We Listening?

In “Turning of Days,” Hannah Anderson urges readers to look closely at creation to learn about its Creator.

Readers need not move to the country or go for a walk in the woods to observe nature’s work (although Anderson recommends both), but they must pay attention.


New Conditions Inspire Alternative Seminary Models

Given the grassroots nature of these innovations, there are likely other new seminary models within the PCA.

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