Ridge Haven

The Upside-Down World of Service at Ridge Haven

Students relish the experience and the strong bonds they forge.

Wallace Anderson believers Ridge Haven’s most significant ministry might be to the high school staff working in the Camp Summer Intern program. 


14 New Overtures Arrive at General Assembly 

Since byFaith’s April 11 article on overtures that have been presented to the 49th General Assembly (GA), 14 more have been sent up by the presbyteries.


Embracing our Finitude

Kelly Kapic’s new book urges us to “learn the joy of being creatures.”

What would it look like for us to begin viewing our limitations as gifts? How might we grow in humility toward that end? And how might embracing our finitude lead to a deeper, more resilient faith?


Let’s Help All Believers Root Their Identity in Christ

An alternative view to “What’s Happening in the PCA?”

The same AIC Report that speaks so truthfully on the issue of identity also speaks graciously concerning the exercise of gentle love for struggling sinners.


The Wisdom Pyramid: A Healthy Diet for the Soul

Ultimately, Brett McCracken hopes to remind readers of timeless sources of wisdom.


Toward a More Comprehensive Pro-Life Vision

As we fight about life in utero, let’s not forget the person standing in front of us.


Ten Steps to the Mission Field

Greater glory to the Lord demands greater allegiance from his people. Crossing substantial barriers with the gospel is costly, risky, and requires careful coordination.

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