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Reflecting on the Assembly’s Korean-Led Worship Service

Pastor Daniel Jung reflects on the significance of the bilingual worship service led by Korean church leaders at the recent General Assembly.

Words Create Worlds

Words create worlds. They have magical powers. They can start fires and extinguish them (James 3:6, Prov. 15:1). What type of world are we trying to create with our words?

Love’s Pure Light: A Christmas Greeting from the Administrative Committee

For more than 200 years, the Christmas carol “Silent Night” has shone “love’s pure light” into the world’s darkness. 

Keller and DeYoung Discuss Report on Human Sexuality

At the 48th General Assembly, Tim Keller and Kevin DeYoung talked, on video, about their experience serving on the Ad Interim Committee on Human Sexuality. The committee’s report was accepted by the Assembly.

Understanding Pastoral Generations

At the Dec. 5, 2020 Presbytery Clerks Meeting, held on Zoom, stated clerk pro tempore Bryan Chapell discussed how the Lord intends his church to move forward by multiple generations supporting one another in united ministry.

Art and the Image of God

Art is not only a valid and dignified calling; it is one that helps us understand what it means to bear God’s image.

Remembering the Prisoner

When he was released, Mark Casson believes God called him to his current ministry to call the the Reformed world to prison ministry.

A Biblical View of Gender and Complementarianism

We have a better view of sexuality than the culture at large.

Dealing With Disagreement

In this era of outrage how are God’s people to deal with those who disagree with them?

Human Flourishing and a Biblical Story of Change

The solution to America’s unhappiness is not more stuff, but grasping the biblical idea of what it means for humans to flourish.

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