PCA Voices

by Dr. Mark Dalbey, President of Covenant Theological Seminary

In this installment of PCA Voices, Mark Dalbey, president of Covenant Theological Seminary, explores biblical hospitality: What is it? And what does it look like — especially among PCA ruling and teaching elders?

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by Kevin DeYoung, Pastor of Christ Covenant Church

How do we know when the Standards are serving their proper role? Perhaps it’s by looking at how we might misuse them.

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by Kevin Smith, Sr. Pastor at New City Fellowship

by Dr. J. Derek Halvorson, President of Covenant College

A helpful benchmark for success might be found in Genesis 5, the book of the generations of Adam.

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by Karen Hodge, PCA Women's Ministry Coordinator

In this latest installment of PCA Voices, Hodge shares about the call of believers to model servant leadership.

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