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Devotion for December 3

God disciplines when he must, but never without the goal of reaching the heart and redeeming the person.

Devotion for December 2

That’s because submitting one’s desires and talents to the good of another does not require abandoning gifts but applying them selflessly for God’s purposes.

Devotion for December 1

When our souls were disfigured by sin that would seem to disqualify us from God’s affection, he came to save us and to make us part of his family.

Devotion for November 30

Through the many hardships, Kenneth Bae never lost sight of God’s grace and faithfulness.

Devotion for November 29

When you consider Scripture today, allow God to show you if you are starting to go blind to the light of his Word.

Devotion for November 26

Our deeds do not earn God’s love but show ours. Our faith is not in our goodness but in his grace.

Devotion for November 25

God will not let you go. So, you can go wherever he leads, willingly and unafraid.

Devotion for November 24

The path of a gracious God is always best.

Devotion for November 23

Neither present sin nor circumstances can undo my heavenly identity.

Devotion for November 22

God washes and whittles away our sins, cleansing our souls and sanctifying our lives. But the process does not lessen our significance; it builds us up into the glory he intends for our lives!

Of Interest Around The Web

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