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Devotion for May 20

When our world became a wilderness of sin, God promised and sent the Bread of Life – Jesus – to nourish and rescue us.

Devotion for May 19

Christ’s titles display the essence of the gospel to reveal the grace of God.

Devotion for May 18

God chose the weak and despised things of this world to display his glory, so that when we are forgotten, weak, disregarded, disgraced, displaced, poor, and lowly, we will remember that God does not despise coming to us.

Devotion for May 17

If we didn’t need his help, then Jesus would not have come. Sin never needs to be the end of God’s story. Let him write Jesus’ ending for you.

Devotion for May 16

By his Word and Spirit, God is with you every moment of every day, so that you can face everything with him. God is with you! 

Devotion for May 13

Whenever wayward children of God receive grace they do not deserve, that’s the real Christmas story – and what makes it real to us.

Devotion for May 12

The more Paul understood the sacrifice of his Savior, the more he detested the sin that required it. Paul did not get worse; he simply saw his wrongs more realistically. 

Devotion for May 11

In every generation, God sustains his people through trials to provide encouragement to surrounding people and subsequent generations. 

Devotion for May 10

God’s heart cannot be bought by our good deeds. He is never indebted to us or managed by our merits.

Devotion for May 9

Christ’s grace changes our priorities from doing what is best for us to giving what is best for another.

Devotion for May 6

When we follow the paths that God marks for us, there may be challenges – but no regrets.

Devotion for May 5

Nothing can separate his children from his heart or his plan. All are more than conquerors through him who loved us.

Of Interest Around The Web

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