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Devotion for September 17

The grace we need from our Father in heaven is not only for the end of our days, but for every day. Depend upon him through obedience and prayer, confident that you will be strengthened by his might.

Devotion for September 16

Punishment is for criminals. Discipline is for children.

Devotion for September 15

Because our lives are so interwoven in God’s divine plan, one who enables another to fight for God is just as important as the one on the battlefield.

Devotion for September 14

We all face life crises. Whatever your circumstances today, remember that God’s purposes for you cannot fail.

Devotion for September 13

We gain strength and zeal for life’s spiritual battles, when we know we are securely held in the Lord’s arms. Our strength is in his might.

Devotion for September 10

Praise focuses our minds on the greatness of God, so we sense afresh how wise, powerful, and loving he is – more than a match for any trial.

Devotion for September 9

In his divine timing and by his patient grace, God cultivates the earthly fields in which our hearts mature to secure our souls for his heavenly storehouse.

Devotion for September 8

Our God will do (or allow) whatever shaking is needed in our lives on earth for us clasp the hand that will hold us securely for his eternal kingdom that cannot be shaken.

Devotion for September 7

God’s purposes are never derailed. The proof is the cross.

Devotion for September 6

Our sufferings produce the endurance we need, the character our situations require, the confident hope that our trials will end, and the spiritual dependence that keeps our love strong enough to see it all through for Christ’s sake.

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