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Devotion for July 28

As children of God, believers are assured of fatherly help when we face any difficulty, rather than the absence of all difficulties.

Devotion for July 27

God teaches we can do nothing apart from him that truly satisfies our hearts or solves our problems.

Devotion for July 26

Jesus left his place in heaven, lowered himself to us, and saved us by the covering sacrifice of his own body.

Devotion for July 23

Whether we suffer under the weight of circumstances or because of the wrong of others, our suffering teaches us more of what Christ endured for us.

Devotion for July 22

When we bring a sinner back from their wandering away from God, we save a soul from death. If no one shares Jesus, eternal death is certain.

Devotion for July 21

Only when a man truly humbles himself in this way can he give a proper account of his headship to God.

Devotion for July 19

The psalmist’s delight came from understanding that God’s law was already a sweet indication of God’s care for his people.

Devotion for July 20

God loves you as much as he loves Jesus, because you are united to him by faith.

Devotion for July 16

Our heavenly Father receives our works, not because they deserve his love, but because he is love.

Devotion for July 15

The promise of our eternal security grants the assurance that all spiritual foes will ultimately be destroyed.

Of Interest Around The Web

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