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Devotion for January 17

We trust the Savior of sinners to love us before we become saints – to embrace the messed up before we have cleaned up. 

Devotion for January 14

The Bible intends courageous, faithful, wise, and persistent living for heaven’s purposes.

Devotion for January 13

God does not answer prayers that undermine what’s best for our souls.

Devotion for January 12

Our Heavenly Father’s love and help are always available when we confess our need of his grace.

Devotion for January 11

God bestowed great dignity, value, and spiritual power on women who reflect the heart of their Savior.

Devotion for January 10

I told her what my father had told me many years ago, “No matter what happens here, you are my precious child, and nothing will change that. Our home is always your home.”

Devotion for January 7

At the end of life, Mickey Mantle turned from himself to another. He asked Jesus to forgive him and to save his soul.

Devotion for January 6

Jesus took our place in the darkness and dirt of the cross and put us on a new path in his light.

Devotion for January 5

We don’t trust our goodness to insulate us against all earthly trials, we trust the goodness of Jesus to take us through them to himself. 

Devotion for January 4

Knowing and experiencing the Holy Spirit’s re-wiring gives us confidence to move in the direction he empowers.

Of Interest Around The Web

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