Recent Ministry Transitions
By Staff
Liam Goligher

Below is a list of pastoral and ministry transitions within the PCA.

John Batusic, from senior pastor of Chestnut Mountain in Chestnut Mountain, Georgia, to honorably retired.

Jake Bennett, from associate pastor of Covenant PC in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to pastor of Holy Cross PC in Staunton, Virginia.

David Bisgrove, from senior pastor of Redeemer West Side in New York, New York, to honorably retired.

Robert Bjerkaas, from pastor of Church in the Canyon in Calabassas, California, to senior pastor of Columbia PC in Columbia, Maryland.

Dwight Dunn, from laboring out of bounds to senior pastor of Westminster PC in Butler, Pennsylvania.

Anthony Elswick, from assistant pastor of Redeemer in Winter Haven, Florida, to organizing pastor of Mercy Hill Mission in Winter Haven, FL.

Grant Gilliam, from assistant pastor of St. Andrews PC in Midland, Georgia, to pastor of First PC in Charleston, Mississippi.

Sam Hogan, from assistant pastor of Carriage Lane PC in Peachtree City, Georgia, to pastor of Christ PC in Murrieta, CA.

Steven Jameson, from pastor of Sardis PC in Sardis, Mississippi to honorably retired.

Hansoo Jin, from organizing pastor of Harris Creek Community in Baltimore, Maryland to associate pastor of Renewal PC in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Michael Kennison, from associate pastor of Kirk of the Hills in St. Louis, Missouri, to honorably retired.

Michael Lee, from assistant pastor of Bethel PC in Clover, South Carolina to organizing pastor of Indian Land Mission in Lancaster, South Carolina.

James Lima, from associate pastor of Living Stone Church in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, to organizing pastor of Good Hope PC in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Kyle McClellan, from pastor of Grace Church in Fremont, Nebraska, to laboring out of bounds.

James Petropoulos, newly ordained, to associate pastor of Redeemer PC in Santa Rosa, California.

Matthew Rabe, from pastor of Grace PC in Cedartown, Georgia to church planting in Missouri.

Adam Radcliff, from assistant pastor of All Saints PC in Austin, Texas, to organizing pastor of Resurrection PC in Austin, Texas.

Devon Rossman, from assistant pastor of University Reformed in East Lansing, Michigan, to organizing pastor of Fellowship Reformed in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

David Royes, from assistant pastor of West Valley PC in Allentown, Pennsylvania, to campus minister.

Patrick Tebbano, from senior pastor of University PC in Las Cruces, New Mexico, to associate pastor of Northwest PC in Dublin, Ohio.

Tag Tuck, from associate pastor of Zion Church in Lincoln, Nebraska, to pastor of Valley Springs PC in Roseville, California.

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