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The Defeat of the Devil

The seven stages of Christ’s 
victory over Satan
The Devil

They tell the story of Christ’s triumph over Satan and help us grasp the scale of the devil’s activity and the scope of Jesus’ mission.

It Wasn’t Just Jesus That Died on Good Friday


Jesus, the Great High Priest The death of Jesus was the end of the priesthood. Even though there actually were a couple more high priests in Jerusalem before the temple was destroyed in AD 70, Caiaphas was the last high priest to serve as a pointer to the Great High Priest, Jesus. There was simply…

Caring For The Congregation AND The Community

Helping the poor is the privileged duty God has given us.

Caring for the poor with effective, compassionate, and transformative mercy ministry is the privileged duty given by God to our deacons and the mercy ministry teams in our churches.

The Good Shepherd

Good shepherd

One of the unique things about the “Good Shepherd” statement compared to the others is that this is the only one that is personal.

The Charge That Shapes Our Ministry: Christ at the Center of All We Do


We minister in Christ’s strength, not our own, as we seek to bring his message of redemption to a world in need of hope.

The Foundation for Our Ministry: The Bible as the Word of God

Word of God

The foundational conviction of Covenant Seminary is that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the inspired, inerrant Word of God, our only infallible rule of faith and practice.

What Do We Mean by the Spirituality of the Church?

Limited Atonement

Rightly applied, the church’s spirituality is an important part of biblical and Reformed ecclesiology.

The Blessing of Persistent Prayer


I want to encourage and motivate us as Christians to give ourselves to the practice of prayer.

Beautiful Community is Already a Reality

Beautiful Community

Because all creation’s beauty has God as its source, humanity was destined for beautiful community.

Understanding Providence

God’s powerful preserving and governing of all His creatures

The Bible gives us many examples of God’s providence, his ordering the details and circumstances of the lives of individuals.

The Ascension

Completing the Arc of the Gospel Story
The Ascension

If we are to recover the practical import of Jesus’ exaltation for the Christian life, then we must first explore the theological significance of this odd but awesome event.

The Design and Scope of the Atonement


Our understanding of the nature of God impacts strongly and decisively our understanding of the design and scope of the Atonement.

Of Interest Around The Web

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