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Lent Ends in Jesus’ Death—and Yours


Death is required of every follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Waiting in Joy


In Advent, God breaks in on our waiting in a visible, physical, and tangible way.

The Care of Wounded Souls: The Pastoral Heart of the Reformation


The doctrinal, ecclesiastical, and ritual reforms that made up the Reformation ultimately had a pastoral goal.

Quiet Time and Evangelism: How much is enough?

After all, we can always pray five more minutes and share our faith one more time.

Yes, we should cultivate the habit of prayer and Bible reading, but we should not think that God puts impossible standards upon us as frail, finite creatures.

Your Own Personal Jesus?


Who really is Jesus? When we try to answer this question, the abiding tendency of the human heart is to make Jesus exactly who we want him to be.

Preparing for Easter from Leviticus—Part III

The Great Day of Atonement and the Day That Far Greater Atonement Came

Because of Jesus, our sin and guilt may be dealt with fully and finally.

Preparing for Easter from Leviticus – Part II

The King was now alone again, surrounded by a sea of people who longed for his justice to come for the wrongs they had suffered and yet longed for his mercy for the wrongs they themselves had done. But how could justice and mercy meet?

Preparing for Easter From Leviticus, Part I


While it is not always as evident in English translations, the Lord emphasizes in Leviticus 17:11 that he himself is making the ransom available.

Understanding Providence

God’s powerful preserving and governing of all His creatures

The Bible gives us many examples of God’s providence, his ordering the details and circumstances of the lives of individuals.

Raw Bible

It is time for us to review our spiritual diets.

Of Interest Around The Web

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