Keeping with the theme of this year’s General Assembly, “Love God and Love Neighbor,” the GA Host Committee will be offering several opportunities for families of commissioners to serve the metro Atlanta community.

“All of Scripture and life hangs on these two great purposes … loving God with all our hearts and loving others as we love ourselves,” said Karen Hodge, coordinator of the PCA Women’s Ministry. “I think one of the beautiful portraits of seeking to love God and our PCA neighbors is the partnership each summer between CDM and the local General Assembly Host Committee. We invite you to join your neighbors at the 46th General Assembly as we host seminars and speakers and seek together to extend this kind of radical love to a watching world.”

On Tuesday, families of commissioners are invited to serve one of Atlanta’s refugee communities. And on Wednesday, parents and students seventh grade and older are invited to serve alongside several ministry partners of local PCA churches. In addition, the GA Host Committee will offer a wide array of programs and activities for women and children attending this year’s Assembly, including tours of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Martin Luther King Center, and Georgia Aquarium. Children’s activities range from museum visits and picnics to day camps, river rafting, and zoo visits. 

Women are invited to a reception Wednesday afternoon and to several prayer times.