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Updates from Overtures Committee for June 29

General Assembly Updates

The Overtures Committee resumed its work at 8 am on June 29. Here is a summary of its action: – The committee recommended that the Assembly answer Overture 23, “Amend BCO 17 by Adding a Clause Which Prohibits Ordination for Men Who Self-Identify as ‘Gay Christians,’ ‘Same-sex Attracted Christians,’ ‘Homosexual Christians,’ or Like Terms” in…

General Assembly Updates: Overtures Committee Actions for Monday, June 28

General Assembly Updates

All of these votes will be affirmed or rejected by the 48th General Assembly.

Contrasting Views of the PCA’s Present and Future

Open Letters, Responses Highlight Differing Perspectives

The writers of these letters are striving for the peace and purity of the PCA.

Assembly-wide Seminar to Consider the PCA’s Bright Future

Diverse panel to share their hopes for the denomination
Assembly-wide seminar

The goal is to help the PCA remember that God’s blessings in the past prepare us for his work that still lies ahead of the church.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols for 48th General Assembly

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

What to know before you go.

Forty-seven Overtures Await the 48th General Assembly

48th General Assembly

A summary of the overtures before the 48th General Assembly, most of which come from the denomination’s 88 presbyteries.

Atlanta Neighborhood Boosted by GA Efforts

With General Assembly’s theme of “Love God and Love Neighbor,” members of the host committee decided that commissioners and their families should have an opportunity to love the neighbors of their host city.

46th General Assembly Actions and Followup

Dr. L. Roy Taylor, stated clerk of the PCA, has released his summary of the actions of the 46th General Assembly. You can read the summary and find more information on photos, videos, and audio recordings here.

GA News for June 14

Below is a summary of some of the votes taken by the 46th General Assembly on Thursday, June 14.

Actions of the Overtures Committee on June 13

Below are the recommendations issued by the Overtures Committee on June 13.

Of Interest Around The Web

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