SJC Rules on Complaint Against Missouri Presbytery

The Stated Clerk’s Office with the approval of the SJC, is now making the full text of the judgment available at the byFaith website.

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Making Up for Lost Time?

The Church and Your Neighborhood

If your church closed today, would anyone in the community know the difference?

Christians Must Play a Part in Binding the Culture’s Wounds

A discussion with political analyst David French
Belhaven College

The Blessing of Persistent Prayer

I want to encourage and motivate us as Christians to give ourselves to the practice of prayer.

Ridge Haven

Ridge Haven Has Been Blessed by a Pair of PCA Ministries

Throughout the past year of uncertainty, Ridge Haven Camp and Conference Center experienced help and encouragement from unexpected sources.


The Wisdom Pyramid, Part II: Can We Still Think Deeply in a Shallow World?

More With “Wisdom Pyramid” author Brett McCracken

Lessons from Our Losses

In Christ alone, we have an eternal perspective, a “weight of glory,” as it were, that far outweighs even the loathsome sting of death that will eventually come to bite us on the heel.


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How art can help us love our neighbor better

“I tell my students, ‘You need to know this because it makes Jesus bigger.”

Academics and Faith

Our Interview with Dr. Jay Green

How the study of philosophy, history, art, and science cultivates our love of God.

Saint Nicholas the Giftgiver
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