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Three Things To Help Your Church Plant Survive

church plant

The truth is that our Lord God is the chief church planter and architect for ministry.

Let’s Help All Believers Root Their Identity in Christ

An alternative view to “What’s Happening in the PCA?”

The same AIC Report that speaks so truthfully on the issue of identity also speaks graciously concerning the exercise of gentle love for struggling sinners.

Let’s Isolate our Differences, Explain our Views, and Persuade our Brothers

An alternative view to “What’s Happening in the PCA?”

If we are to have any hope of constructive dialogue across “party lines” in the PCA, then we need to do better than to argue that there are no substantive differences between us after all, or that those who express concern are simply overreacting.

Five Criteria for Evaluating BCO Amendments


I came to realize my need for a coherent “philosophy” for evaluating BCO amendments.

What’s Happening in the PCA?

Our denomination is not in danger of becoming a progressive, mainline church.

What is going on now is, with one significant difference, what has been going on in the PCA almost from the beginning. 

Seeing Strangers, Aliens, and Sojourners Through God’s Eyes


Search Scripture for the words “stranger, “alien,” and “sojourner,” and note God’s attitude and commands concerning interaction with them. Invite your congregation to do this with you. 

Somali Refugee Becomes Missionary in Residence

Osman Jama now serves at North Cincinnati Community Church

Jama ministers through Global Service Network and partners with MNA’s Refugee and Immigrant Ministry as a church mobilizer.

Building an Effective Men’s Ministry

It’s about creating a process, not planning an event.
men's ministry

“The goal should be Word-based, relationship-driven, mission-focused, reproductive discipleship.”

Our Spiritual Social Dilemma

Spiritual social dilemma

Shining light into a dark place.

Frank Barker: 1932-2021

Few Men Were More Influential in the PCA

From the earliest days of the Presbyterian Church in America in the 1970s, few men were more influential than Frank Morehead Barker Jr.

Recommending Overtures 23 and 37


Whatever our views on Overtures 23 and 37, whatever our disagreements, it’s important to maintain high standards of interaction.

Against Overtures 23 and 37


The overtures reflect a mistaken conception of our polity.

Of Interest Around The Web

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