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2024 English Ministry Forum Connects Leaders “In The Shadows”

Annual gathering opens the door for Asian American pastors.

This year’s Forum was supported through the sponsorship of MNA, MTW, Geneva Benefits, the Administrative Committee, and Covenant Seminary.

Covenant College Colleagues and Neighbors Celebrate Book Accolades

Edrington Weichbrodt

From teaching college students to writing to working with youth, both women cited community (or the absence of it at times during the past few years post-pandemic) as an important piece to their writing and vocational lives. 

David Strain: ‘I’m Thankful to Be Turning 50 with the PCA’

PCA 50th anniversary

Other presbyterian denominations have felt the need to amend the Standards to reflect the changing times and their changing convictions, but the PCA continues to find remarkable utility in our Confession and Catechisms.

Jason Helopoulos: ‘I Love the (Imperfect) PCA at 50’

PCA 50th anniversary

The very things that attracted me to the PCA years ago continue to excite me most about it today.

A Vision for the Next 50 Years

A Conversation with Randy Pope
Randy Pope

When God’s people, and His churches, begin engaging in the higher call of winning the lost, and realize they are at war together with a common enemy — the devil himself — unity will automatically occur.

Alliance for Mission and Renewal Seeks Unity, Joy, Diversity, and Mission

Alliance for Mission and Renewal

Mike Khandjian hopes that the AMR will serve to “[align] our often-siloed efforts to serve our God and advance His kingdom in our world.”

Minding the Church’s Business

Reflecting on John Robertson’s Service to the PCA
John Robertson

Though less visible than the stated clerk, the business administrator’s role has proven to be just as essential. 

MNA Details Long-Term Vision

An ambitious plan to add 1,000 churches in the next 10 years. 
Church Planting, MNA

Three components are key: evangelism, pipelines, and partnerships.

Central Florida Presbytery Proposes Diaconal Initiative


The Administrative Deacon will devote his full-time attention to help deacons in the presbytery fulfill their callings.

Three Things To Help Your Church Plant Survive

church plant

The truth is that our Lord God is the chief church planter and architect for ministry.

Of Interest Around The Web

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