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Happy Thanksgiving


Everything created by God is good and is to be received gratefully

Our Work and the Flourishing of God’s Creation

We must understand how, through our work, we can steward all God has given us.

The purpose of our work is to reweave shalom.

What is Reformation Day?

Reformation Day

A single event on a single day changed the world.

Making Up for Lost Time?


We are not promised tomorrow, so today is the day to invest His time in eternal things: the Word of God and people. 

The Church and Your Neighborhood

If your church closed today, would anyone in the community know the difference?

A fundamental part of being a local church is that it is in fact, local.

How Do We Love a Broken World?

Our Conversation with Steve Garber

We are called to be signposts of the kingdom in a world where nothing seems to have metaphysical or moral weight; and yet it does, and that it does, it is ours to steward, with imagination, winsomeness, clarity, and determination.

Embracing the Long Haul

In God’s economy, weakness is greater than strength
long haul

What if we were to embrace the gifts of the long haul rather than racing for the exits?

My Shame, Your Shame, OUR Jesus

Beautiful people

Shame keeps us preoccupied with ourselves and inattentive to God and the needs of others.

Facing Vaccine Fear

How can pastors help hesitant congregants?
vaccine fear

Most people think in terms of getting the vaccine or not getting it when they should be thinking about getting the vaccine versus getting the virus.

In Defense of the Doughnut Hole

Doughnut Hole

As a pastor’s wife, I likely have had one too many doughnut holes, but I maintain I have been profoundly nourished by gathering with my people.

Of Interest Around The Web

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