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Longing for Hope? Look to Jesus.

Irwyn Ince’s “Hope Ain’t a Hustle” Centers the Christian Hope on the Glory of Jesus
MNA Coordinator Pro Tempore Irwyn Ince Hope

The book is an analysis of the Christian’s sure hope in Jesus, as expressed in the book of Hebrews.  

After Darkness, Light

New expressions of an ancient Good Friday service engage the heart and mind.
Good Friday

With a focus on Christ’s reconciling work on the cross, bringing us back into a right relationship with God, the service is a meaningful reminder that we were not abandoned nor alone. This is the message of the gospel for every generation.

Dangerous Desires

Fighting the Forgotten Sin of Coveting

The reality of our inner desires is that they overflow into our outward actions. What we desire matters.

Waiting in the Light

Advent, waiting

God’s light reveals his glory and our guilt. But guilt isn’t the final word.

Advent Meditation: Hope and Fear

Centuries before Micah penned his prophecy, another unlikely king came from Bethlehem.

Happy Thanksgiving


Everything created by God is good and is to be received gratefully.

The Laws of Jubilee: A Way to Strengthen the Family

Leviticus, Jubilee, family

How can the church serve as a support structure for its families, especially when they encounter difficulties?

Praying for Adult Children

Grown Children Are an Important Group to Hold in Our Minds and Prayers

In talking with fellow believers about praying for our children, I’ve noticed that some of the most urgent, energetic responses come from parents of adult children.

Why Joy is Almost Always Found in Good Company

We’re meant to play an indispensable role in lives of others and in the health of our churches, neighborhood, and community.

What’s Your Story?

Thinking through our stories, we find our place in His story. God is writing an ongoing story in your life and in mine.

Of Interest Around The Web

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