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Christians Must Play a Part in Binding the Culture’s Wounds

A discussion with political analyst David French

“I haven’t slowed down where I believe God is calling me to engage with the culture,” French says. I work hard. But I know the results are firmly in the Lord’s hands.” 

The Wisdom Pyramid, Part II: Can We Still Think Deeply in a Shallow World?


More With “Wisdom Pyramid” author Brett McCracken

The Wisdom Pyramid: A Healthy Diet for the Soul


Ultimately, Brett McCracken hopes to remind readers of timeless sources of wisdom.

Musicians and Congregation Worshiping Together

How Andy Zipf’s Music Came Back to Church

For Zipf, this collaborative hymn-writing has contributed to his personal reorientation toward worship more broadly.

Three Favorite Books on Youth Ministry

youth ministry

Walt Mueller said his list of favorite youth ministry books changes frequently as youth culture changes and churches need to respond differently to the cultural moment.

Poet on Parenting

Kentucky deacon wins award for poetry about his special-needs children
Poet on Parenting

Three decades ago when Tom Hunley was scribbling his first lines of poetry, he couldn’t have imagined that he would one day receive a prestigious award for a collection of poems that detail his misadventures in parenting.

RUF Ministers Find Creative Ways to Foster Community

Gospel ministry continues to flourish across campuses despite the lockdowns and restrictions.

Nature Proclaims Biblical Truths. Are We Listening?

In “Turning of Days,” Hannah Anderson urges readers to look closely at creation to learn about its Creator.

Readers need not move to the country or go for a walk in the woods to observe nature’s work (although Anderson recommends both), but they must pay attention.

Our Unquenchable Appetite for Excellence

We Are Made With a Longing For Beauty

It is not hard to imagine how the world would thrive when filled with a people pressing forward in their calling, being blessed and blessing in return. It looks and feels like shalom.

A Prayer for Joseph R. Biden

A Petition for the 46th President of the United States

May this administration, which belongs to you, bring you praise, honor, and glory.

Of Interest Around The Web

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