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Bad Apples: When Did Believers Grow so Rude (and how can we fix it)?


Self-righteousness does not just undermine the external relationships we have with those around us — it undermines us from within, reframing our perspective on what constitutes right and wrong, in terms of what is satisfying to us alone.

Square Halo Conference: Creativity, Community, and Carrying On

The Square Halo Conference and the Legacy of Leslie Bustard

The seeds planted by Leslie in the form of the Square Halo Conference continue to bear a harvest of encouragement, according to the response Ned and the Square Halo team received following the conference.

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How art can help us love our neighbor better

“I tell my students, ‘You need to know this because it makes Jesus bigger.”

More Than a Sermon Illustration

Elisabeth Elliot’s Biography Shows the Missionary and Writer As Flawed, but Faithful
Elisabeth Elliot

In “Elisabeth Elliot: A Life,” S. R. Austen does for Elliot what Elliot tried to do for missionary work: show depth and complexity without shoehorning suffering into a tidy package.

Looks Matter: Why Good Bible Design Is Essential

Bible Design

And in the past decade, thoughtful design has grown more in Bible publishing spheres, whether we realize it or not. 

Tending to the Life of Young Minds

At least four PCA members serve as college presidents

PCA people are setting the course for a handful of our culture’s most formative institutions.

Rembrandt’s “Simeons” and the Spiritual Discipline of Suffering


The old artist doesn’t seem to want to show us the scene when Simeon held Jesus, or what he can do with it. He just seems to want to hold Jesus.

Rest for the Souls of PCA Worship Leaders

Liturgy Collective

2022 Liturgy Collective Conference explored rest, connection, and growth.

This Christmas, Let’s Tend to the Country’s Worst Health Problem


More than half of the U.S. population is lonely, and it’s literally killing them.

Square Halo: Extraordinary Christian Writing for Ordinary Saints

Square Halo

From the beginning, Square Halo’s mission has been to bring readers into conversation with living authors.

Of Interest Around The Web

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