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Evaluating Our Stewardship of the Gospel

According to Chuck Garriott, director of Ministry of State, most of us reach a point where we reflect on our stewardship of the gospel.


A Brief History of Political Division Within the Church

And the outside influence of political turmoil

The Presbyterian Church was strongly influenced by the Great Awakening. In important ways, it was the occasion for a serious division in the church.

Assembly-wide seminar

Assembly-wide Seminar to Consider the PCA’s Bright Future

Diverse panel to share their hopes for the denomination

The goal is to help the PCA remember that God’s blessings in the past prepare us for his work that still lies ahead of the church.

A Prayer for Joseph R. Biden

A Petition for the 46th President of the United States

May this administration, which belongs to you, bring you praise, honor, and glory.

Ministry to State and Stated Clerk Invite PCA to Pray for the Nation

A call to all PCA churches to pray for our nation on Sunday, January 10.

Love and Power

A Gospel Response 
to Narcissism

Aimed at exposing the culture of narcissism Garriott has witnessed in Washington, D.C., the book is intended as a cautionary tale to believers in power as well as those who serve or influence them.

The Politics of Kindness

It is Our Duty to Pray for the Civil Magistrate

“The Westminster Confession declares it our duty to pray for the civil magistrate. The Scriptures tell us to minister to those whom God has placed in political leadership, to pray for them, and when possible, like Paul, to present the gospel with the hope that Jesus will change lives.”

Prayers are Powerful, Not Political

Garriott wants to help Christians move past general prayers for state and national leaders and pray for them as real people whose lives are in God’s hands. Nothing about a leader’s beliefs or actions negates the Christian’s responsibility to pray for him.

God on Capitol Hill

One-on-One with Chuck Garriott

We spent a few minutes chatting with Garriott about how God is using the PCA’s Ministry to State to change lives in seats of power across the globe.

God on Capitol Hill

Our one-on-one with Chuck Garriott

Chuck Garriott ministers to government officials,and his days are as busy as theirs. When not leading a Bible study at the Department of State, he’s grabbing coffee with a White House staffer or meeting with legislators on Capitol Hill. We spent a few minutes chatting with Garriott about how God is using the PCA’s Ministry…

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