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The Heart of Jesus

Even when we stray, He’s gentle and lowly

Our natural intuition can give us only a God like us. The God revealed in Scripture deconstructs our intuitive predilections and startles us with one whose infinitude of perfections is matched by His infinitude of gentleness.

This Feels Familiar

Chronic sufferers can help equip the church

I feel strangely prepared for this pandemic. It’s all miserable, of course, but it’s not entirely new.

We Have Been Adopted, Therefore We Adopt

PCA Pastors and Their Wives Heed God’s Call to Care for Widows and Orphans

PCA members and pastors are part of the trend in fostering and adopting children in need.

Global Church Innovation: How the Pandemic is Changing the Church and Why It’s OK

“Innovation” can seem like a bad word in the context of the church. It sounds too new, too customer-focused. But in a time of crisis, what if innovation is closer to Genesis than to Silicon Valley?

Global Media Outreach: How Google Is Growing the Church

Global Media Outreach

The director of marketing for Global Media Outreach recently spoke with byFaith about how geolocating and Google Ads are helping online missionaries reap the harvest and grow the global and local church.

Departing in Peace: Making Wise End-of-Life Decisions

Ultimately serving Jesus is our top priority — not pursuing long life at any cost. All the gifts we have, including time, energy, talent, and finances, come from Him and we want to be mindful of serving Him in all these areas, even as we approach the end of our lives.

Caring for Women in Crisis

NC Church Raises Up Shepherdesses to Assist Elders

When leaders of other churches approach Christ Covenant to learn how they can start a similar ministry, Goudzwaard says she is quick to point out that what they’re doing takes thoughtfulness, but not much genius.

From Pitcher to Planter

Dan Naulty Plants a Church Among His Own

The ultimate professional high coincided with personal lows for a pitcher who fueled his career with performance-enhancing drugs, amphetamines, and alcohol.

Exhibiting Our Hope for the World’s Future

Our non-Christian neighbors believe they began as a pointless fluke and that they’re destined for oblivion. And yet they cling to the hope that the interim few years matter.

Grace 101

This grace that moves toward us to regenerate, justify, and adopt us is the same grace that transforms us so that nothing about us remains the same.

 the Archive

How art can help us love our neighbor better

“I tell my students, ‘You need to know this because it makes Jesus bigger.”

Scholarship and Skill in Living

One on One With Karl Johnson of Chesterton House

Following academic pursuits should draw us deeper into life in Christ, and life in Christ should draw us deeper into our studies.

Of Interest Around The Web

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