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Loving Your Neighbor through ESL Classes

MNA’s new ESL curriculum brings to life an outreach tool intended to tangibly carry out the Great Commission.

From Punk Rocker to Reformed Pastor

After years leading a Christian ska band (O.C. Supertones), Matt Morginsky now pastors a PCA church in Denver. Read the story behind his journey from music to ministry.

The Limits of Patriotism

Statue of Liberty

As Bible-believing Christians, we should clearly stand against violence in all its malicious forms, whether it’s abortion, sex-change surgeries on minors, or political violence.

The Unhindered Gospel in Acts

A review of “Saved: Experiencing the Promise of the Book of Acts” by Nancy Guthrie

The final chapter of Acts sums up the entire book in a single word: unhindered. As Nancy Guthrie’s new book points out, even though Paul sits bound in chains, the gospel cannot be bound.

Hope in the Midst of Generational Poverty

Discover how God is using Pastor Alton Hardy and Urban Hope Community Church (PCA) to bring hope in one of America’s most impoverished communities.

The Faithful Patriot

An invitation to greater participation in the good of common life
a man in uniform standing in front of a monument

Patriotic gratitude recognizes the many blessings we enjoy in this country. Too often we can take for granted these benefits, as well as those who served and sacrificed to secure them.

Patriotism and the Minority Experience

A millennial black man and woman voting at a voting booth in an election.

As an American and a Christian, I am committed to my country because I believe there is yet more justice and righteousness to be delivered to and through God’s Black sons and daughters here.

Patriotism and American Presbyterian History

The Presbyterian tradition of patriotism is underscored not only by our remarkable early patriotic history in America, but by Presbyterians’ continuing service for our nation begun by our forebears.

Patriotism and the Pastor


The pastor must help his church avoid two temptations—the misguided view that the church isn’t political and the dangerous temptation to conflate church and state.

Perspectives on Patriotism: A New Series from byFaith

ByFaith is launching a series of articles to consider various perspectives on patriotism from within the PCA. We have invited church leaders from across the denomination to help us think through the motivation, expressions, and limitations of patriotism as Christians.

Of Interest Around The Web

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