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Dissecting the Phrase “Follow the Science”

Our theology compels us to value scientific investigation. And to be wary of idolizing its promised power.

It’s helpful if we recognize that our shared beliefs as Christians in the Reformed tradition put all of us on a middle path with regard to “following the science.”

The Upside-Down World of Service at Ridge Haven

Students relish the experience and the strong bonds they forge.
Ridge Haven

Wallace Anderson believers Ridge Haven’s most significant ministry might be to the high school staff working in the Camp Summer Intern program. 

Let’s Help All Believers Root Their Identity in Christ

An alternative view to “What’s Happening in the PCA?”

The same AIC Report that speaks so truthfully on the issue of identity also speaks graciously concerning the exercise of gentle love for struggling sinners.

Dying to Provide Life-giving Leadership

life-giving leadership

Life-giving leadership is not just an invitation to serve, but, at the most fundamental level, an invitation to die.

The Defeat of the Devil

The seven stages of Christ’s 
victory over Satan
The Devil

They tell the story of Christ’s triumph over Satan and help us grasp the scale of the devil’s activity and the scope of Jesus’ mission.

Ukraine Updates from MTW Missionaries


As Ukraine faces the devastating reality of a Russian invasion, Mission to the World (MTW) missionaries and members of 15 partner churches of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ukraine are on their knees seeking the Lord’s mercy, protection, and wisdom. Churches in the west are preparing to care for the displaced who have fled their…

Prayer for Ukraine


It is with a concern that we persist or begin, if we are not praying, that I humbly offer the following prayer.

A Church for the Deaf, the Hearing, and the Glory of God


Redemption Hill Church does not look like the church Peter Doerfler set out to plant, but it’s the church God gave him to tend.

Build, Buy, or Rent?

The decision can clarifiy a church’s mission

The process of finding a new facility is one the Lord uses not only to build the faith of the congregation, but to clarify the church’s mission in its community.

The Role Networks Play in the PCA


Through the years, the various networks have sought to move the denomination according to their vision of the PCA’s identity.

A Counseling Center for the Church and the Community


“It’s amazing how many people I talk to around the country who are in need of counseling and know they’re in need of counseling but don’t know where they need to turn.”

Seeing the Christian Disciplines as Bread for Our Souls, not Bribes for God’s Blessing

Christian disciplines

One barrier to the resolutions becoming routine is the burden of guilt we needlessly attach to these Christian disciplines. 

Of Interest Around The Web

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