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Three Favorite Books on Women’s Ministry

women's ministry

CDM has created a wealth of resources to assist local leaders create, build, and sustain healthy women’s ministry.

Beautiful People Do Not Just Happen

Beautiful people

Beautiful people do not just happen. Sometimes the deepest, truest faith feels more like defeat than it does victory. 

Happy Thanksgiving


Everything created by God is good and is to be received gratefully

A Brief History of Political Division Within the Church

And the outside influence of political turmoil

The Presbyterian Church was strongly influenced by the Great Awakening. In important ways, it was the occasion for a serious division in the church.

What is Reformation Day?

Reformation Day

A single event on a single day changed the world.

Two Keys to Women’s Ministry: Word-Based, Relationally Driven

Women's ministry

Throughout the denomination there are as many expressions of women’s ministry as there are churches.

How Do We Love a Broken World?

Our Conversation with Steve Garber

We are called to be signposts of the kingdom in a world where nothing seems to have metaphysical or moral weight; and yet it does, and that it does, it is ours to steward, with imagination, winsomeness, clarity, and determination.

Fix Marriage, and We Fix the Fractured Family


Why are families breaking apart? And how can we make them more resilient?

New CTS President Leads on the PCA Frontier


Since 1997, Gibbs has pastored on the PCA “frontiers.” Now, he will bring those experiences and his passion for organizational leadership to the denomination’s seminary.

General Assembly Updates for July 1

General Assembly

The Assembly voted Bryan Chapell as stated clerk of the PCA and took other actions.

Of Interest Around The Web

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