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Thomas Gibbs Named Next President of Covenant Theological Seminary

The Rev. Dr. Thomas Gibbs will assume the presidency on July 1, 2021.

Lifetime of Ministry

CTS Lifetime of Ministry Conference Returns to Examine The Changing Self and the Challenge of Ministry

The particular topic of this conference was, “The Changing Self and the Challenge of Ministry.” Enlisted to address these issues were Carl Trueman and Robbie Griggs. 


Covenant Seminary Receives Lilly Endowment Grant

Thurman Williams Hired to Further Develop Preaching Program

Through preaching cohort groups, conferences and workshops, and new resources, CTS will develop an emphasis on preaching as a primary means of pastoral ministry.

Lifetime of Ministry

Covenant Seminary Revives Lifetime of Ministry Conference

The conference will focus on current debates about what constitutes the good life and the speed with which new visions of human flourishing have multiplied in our culture.


Your Own Personal Jesus?

Who really is Jesus? When we try to answer this question, the abiding tendency of the human heart is to make Jesus exactly who we want him to be.

church plant

Three Things To Help Your Church Plant Survive

The truth is that our Lord God is the chief church planter and architect for ministry.


Bridge-building, the PCA, and the Next 50 Years

As we pause on this anniversary to consider our denomination as well as the world around us, how are our bridges faring?

Actions of the General Assembly on Wednesday, June 14

Agency reports presented to the Assembly on June 14.

How Not to Capsize Your Faith

As a pastor for over 25 years, I have seen many people experience hardship in life. Some pass through the storm, coming out the other side with an even stronger faith in Christ. Others shipwreck and walk away from Christ and His Church entirely. What makes the difference? Spiritual ballast. To understand what I mean,…

graduate certificate

Covenant Seminary Unveils New Graduate Certificates

Programs Aim to Strengthen Lay Leaders

Most of the new graduate certificate programs can be completed with three to five classes.

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