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Scott Sauls’ Antidote for Outrage

Our conversation with the author of “A Gentle Answer”

“A Gentle Answer” presents a surprising and countercultural blueprint for what it means to follow the God of peace in an age when outrage is king.


Our Call to the Poor

It is easy to overlook the fact that most privileged people were born into privilege. It is also easy to overlook the fact that most poor people were born into poverty.


Toward a More Comprehensive Pro-Life Vision

As we fight about life in utero, let’s not forget the person standing in front of us.

Beautiful people

Beautiful People Do Not Just Happen

Beautiful people do not just happen. Sometimes the deepest, truest faith feels more like defeat than it does victory. 

Beautiful people

My Shame, Your Shame, OUR Jesus

Shame keeps us preoccupied with ourselves and inattentive to God and the needs of others.


Contrasting Views of the PCA’s Present and Future

Open Letters, Responses Highlight Differing Perspectives

The writers of these letters are striving for the peace and purity of the PCA.

Scott Sauls

We Disagree, Therefore 
I Need You

In the realm of nonessentials, Christians are called to love, peace, and mutual esteem.

The power of words

The Power Of Words

Illustration By Mike McQuade

The feature essays in the spring issue all addressed one issue: our speech.

cultivating a culture of benediction

Cultivating a Culture of Benediction

Let’s turn the volume down on shame and up on grace.

Lessons from Our Losses

In Christ alone, we have an eternal perspective, a “weight of glory,” as it were, that far outweighs even the loathsome sting of death that will eventually come to bite us on the heel.

Facing Fear

God is mighty - so why are we still afraid?

There’s a sense that upheavals are underway, major shifts are happening, but on the surface life continues as normal. Is it valid to be anxious in this cultural moment? How does God speak to us when we are afraid? And where do we go from here?

Pursuing Peace, At a Dallas Cowboys Football Game

Who’d have thought that Ellen DeGeneres would defend herself by paraphrasing Hebrews 12:14, which instructs us to “pursue peace with everyone”?

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