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Administrative Committee Launches Online Resource Hub

The PCA Administrative Committee is providing a way for churches and members to read progress reports from PCA ministries and engage with resources from previous General Assemblies.

Administrative Committee Launches “Gifts and Graces” Podcast

The podcast will publish new episodes weekly designed to promote the unity, purity, and progress of the church.  

Administrative Committee Update on COVID-19

As new information is gathered and guidelines are updated, we want to keep you informed of our work and provide you with resources and encouragement.

Administrative Committee Proposal Designed to Encourage Ruling Elder Participation at General Assembly

Subcommittee offers nine recommendations to boost RE participation.

The New Funding Plan for the Administrative Committee: FAQs

The 40th General Assembly adopted a new funding plan for the PCA’s Administrative Committee (AC). To better understand its provisions, the AC Staff have prepared a set of FAQs about the plan, which are presented here.

Ad Interim Committee on Human Sexuality Releases Report

The report will not be officially presented to the 48th General Assembly until its next scheduled meeting anticipated in 2021.

Statement from Ad Interim Committee on Human Sexuality

The Ad Interim Committee Report on Human Sexuality will be available on the Administrative Committee website as close to the original May 17 deadline as possible.

Donahoe Announces Members of Study Committee on Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault

The committee will consist of four teaching elders, three ruling elders, and four advisory members.

GA Moderator Announces Members of Ad Interim Committee on Sexuality

The committee contains four teaching elders and three ruling elders and has the authority to appoints it own advisory members.

Committees And Agencies Make Overture Recommendations

While the majority of overtures sent to the General Assembly await the meeting of the Assembly for the review and recommendation of the Overtures Committee (OC), some overtures are referred to the permanent committees or agency boards because they relate to their work.

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