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Everyday Evangelism

Listening, building trust and providing a safe place to be truthful.

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Can Muslims and Christians Be Good Neighbors?

Both the imam and I made the purpose of The Beaverton Religion Forum clear. We told those gathered that we were not interested in being good neighbors only with those who hold our particular worldview. We made it clear that we were seeking to be good neighbors with those who are polar opposites from us, who practice differently from us.

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Lighthouse in the Grove Brings Light to the Darkest Place

For more than 15 years men from the “Lighthouse” have held forth the Gospel in one of the darkest places, offering love, acceptance, and hope to those who feel hopeless and unlovable.

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Humble Evangelism

For some reason, we have bought into the idea that it is ultimately our job to convince people that they need Jesus, but at the same time we are unwilling to share with them why we need Him.

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