Parakaleo to Receive 2016 Love Gift
by Melissa Morgan Kelley

Thomas and co-founder Tami Resch launched Parakaleo in 2005. To date, the ministry has served more than 300 women in 16 networks, and thousands of women have attended Parakaleo training events and workshops.

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Everyday Evangelism
Colors of Life
by Alan Dowd

The scar of slavery remains on America’s soul. Times of racial violence, like those this summer, expose the scar and reopen old wounds.

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Worshiping God by Admiring His Creation
by Ann Kroeker

How do we live with growing appreciation and gratitude for Christ’s sustenance through the natural world? How do we experience God through intimate knowledge of His creation?

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Exhibiting Our Hope for the World’s Future
by Richard Doster

It might help, then — in our time and place — to ask again about the hope that’s to brim within us: What is it? Why should it be contagious? How is it to be explained?

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