CDM Training Videos Build a Community of Learners

Since the videos were released, “it has been amazing to see how people have used them personally and corporately as they lead others in the local church,” Hodge says.

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Our Work and God’s Wisdom

God created the world so that our social institutions thrive when they conform to certain, intrinsic realities. Businesspeople, scientists, and artists — in fact, those in every field — recognize that certain standards apply to their work.

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The Grace-Full Life

In seven years Morwood has had 15 dancers come through her Bible study, which provides a space where dancers push aside perfectionism and deal honestly with life’s struggles. They hold each other accountable and model humility to others by admitting mistakes and asking for forgiveness.

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What Overture 43 Means to Me

“I think the passing of Overture 43, and the fruit that will come of it, will be a help in recruiting African-American pastors into our denomination. It demonstrates to them that we are real, not trying to cover up sins of the past or present, but owning them and seeking to grow from them.”

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by George Robertson, Teaching Elder and Moderator of the 44th General Assembly
One Church’s Path to Racial Diversity

Robertson describes how, through the “messy work of the Gospel,” God has taken a congregation from its racist past to aggressively becoming a multi-ethnic congregation.

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