Trinity Pres Works for Healing After Protests and Violence

Trinity Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville has joined with other churches in the area to publicly denounce racism and pray for healing and restoration in the city that was the site of racist protests, counter-protests, and violence on August 12.

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How Do We Love a Broken World?

We are called to be signposts of the kingdom in a world where nothing seems to have metaphysical or moral weight — and yet it does, and that it does, it is ours to steward, with imagination, winsomeness, clarity, and determination.

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The Mission Field Down
 the Hall

Walt Mueller equips adults to see student ministry for what it is: a cross-cultural mission field.

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Facing Fear

There’s a sense that upheavals are underway, major shifts are happening, but on the surface life continues as normal. Is it valid to be anxious in this cultural moment? How does God speak to us when we are afraid? And where do we go from here?

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by Michael A. Milton
Perseverance of the Saints

Perseverance of the Saints cannot be reduced to “once saved, always saved.” That phrase does not tell the whole Story of the biblical doctrine.

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