A Thanksgiving List

When asked what they’re thankful for, 85 percent of Americans say their health and/or their family. So it’s no surprise that nearly 90 percent of us will be sharing Thanksgiving dinner with family.

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by TE Bryan Chapell
Humility to Love as God Loves

In this talk, Bryan Chapell explores how we must change to become a part of the future church and how our fidelity to Scripture and our commitment to the Reformed faith — rather than being a source of contention among us — must become fuel for the Great Commission.

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A Place of Healing for All

“The wealthy church, or the all-black church – are they blessed? Yes,” Henning says. “But what people don’t know is what they are missing.” A mosaic of vibrant color that reflects God’s glory and His purposes in the world.

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The Worthy 
Walk of 

The all-knowing and all-powerful God initiates a cherished relationship, not with the rich and influential, but with lowly people. And then He becomes their chief encourager.

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