Kids, Porn, and the Heart
by R. Nicholas Black,Harvest USA

What many parents fail to realize is that pornography can capture the mind and heart of a teen almost instantly. And it can set the stage for years of inner turmoil.

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Humble Evangelism
by Wes Simmons

For some reason, we have bought into the idea that it is ultimately our job to convince people that they need Jesus, but at the same time we are unwilling to share with them why we need Him.

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Given Up To a Debased Mind
by Alan Dowd

A taxpayer-funded organization monetizing the organs of unborn children; physicians discussing the best ways to end a baby’s life while preserving her organs; and clergy, media outlets, and the White House defending it.

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PCA Faculty Network Aims to Unite Academic Exiles
by Susan Fikse

The Institute for Jewish & Community Research found in a study that college faculty share significantly more negative feelings toward evangelical Christians than toward any other religious group.

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by Stephen Smallman

We may be weak disciples or new disciples or struggling disciples, but we are all disciples.

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