GA Approves Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation Study
by Larry Hoop

The study committee will assess the current situation in the denomination regarding racial reconciliation, identify specific problems that need to be addressed, and “develop constructive guidelines and suggest concrete steps for the use of the PCA, including all presbyteries and sessions, in order to make progress toward the work of racial reconciliation.”

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For the Least
by Melissa Morgan Kelley

These believers seek out a population avoided by most — prostitutes, the homeless, the addicted. Their small gifts and genuine interest have opened many doors for ministry to those on society’s bottom rung. In fact, “providing care for the uncared for” is the ministry’s tagline.

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Faith and America
by Alan Dowd

In America, churches serve as polling places, presidents lead prayer breakfasts, legislative business opens with a chaplain’s prayer, chief magistrates enter the courtroom to the refrain, “God save the United States and this Honorable Court.

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by Megan Fowler

Following the 2015 Personal Resolution on Civil Rights Remembrance submitted to the 2015 General Assembly by Ligon Duncan and Sean Lucas, the session of First Presbyterian Church (FPC) in Jackson decided to look into the church’s history to see if there were specific sins that needed to be confessed.

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The Christian-Cultural Complex
by Phil Mobley

Nebuchadnezzar observed both Daniel’s faithful service and his prayers to the one true God. The Romans knew the first Christians by both their refusal to worship idols and their adoption of abandoned babies.

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