PCA Pastor Explores What Tattoos Say About the Self and the Soul

Allan Dayhoff was in line at Starbucks when he noticed the tattoo on the arm of the man in front of him — an image of a fisherman reeling in a catch. “I like your tattoo,” Dayhoff said. No reply. …

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The women’s ministry team at the Committee on Discipleship Ministry (CDM) hopes to provide women with resources to help them think biblically and live covenantally. This, according to Susan Hunt and Karen Hodge, is the core of women’s ministry and the heart of Titus 2 discipleship.

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by Interviewed by Richard Doster and John Robertson
Knowing the Reality of Our Triune God

In the final analysis Packer writes, “What matters supremely is not that I know God, but the larger fact which underlies that knowledge: He knows me.”

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The 45th General Assembly voted on three of the nine recommendations from the Ad Interim Study Committee on Women in Ministry.

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Alexander Jun Elected Moderator of 45th General Assembly

Dr. Alexander Jun has been elected moderator of the 45th General Assembly. Jun is a founding member and a ruling elder of New Life Mission Church in Fullerton, California, and the first ethnic minority elected as moderator of the Assembly.

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