Your deepest distress is deeply distressing. But the God who loves you is Master of your significant sorrow. He calls you to go through even this hard thing.

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Christianity And Complicity

Knowing what we know, what will we do? Our sins of omission are great, and our complicity grows greater still as our knowledge of evil increases. To whom much is given, much will be required.

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Don Donaldson

Donaldson was an active member of Bible Presbyterian Church of Cono Center, where he taught Sunday school, sang in the choir, and served on the session for 26 years.

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Central Florida Presbytery 
forms the Florida Deacons Fellowship to encourage 
deacons and elevate the office 
to its proper biblical stature.

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Slip-Sliding Away: Evaluating the Slippery Slope Argument

Theological commitments become dangerous (or slippery), not when they differ with the Westminster Standards or Book of Church Order per se, but when our theological conclusions are informed by an impoverished theological method.

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