Truths of Jesus’ First Words
by Alan Dowd

The first impression Jesus made — and makes — tells us so much of we need to know about Him.

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How Freedom from Sin Frees Us to Serve
by Ed Eubanks Jr.

Many believers revel in their Christian liberty, while others shy away, worried that liberty too easily turns to license.

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The Death of the Funeral
by Susan Fikse

By abandoning traditional rituals in favor of personalized memorial services, we may have lost an opportunity to fully see and share the Gospel.

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The Ways We Tamper With God’s Word
by Staff

It’s not just the other guys’ churches that make a mingle-mangle of Gospel truth. The Bible and church history relentlessly demonstrate that it can happen in your church and mine.

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Freed from the Fear of Death
by Larry Hoop

The icy cold hands of death reach out to all humanity, and humanity is enslaved to it. But the enslavement is not to death itself, but to the fear.

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