Community Through Storytelling

Drew Belz, a 2010 Covenant College graduate and an elder at New City East Lake PCA in Chattanooga, is a co-founder of Fancy Rhino, a media and advertising company that provides video content for national brands and tells original stories through feature documentaries.

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Choosing a President While Worshipping a King

If politics makes strange bedfellows, then the call of Christ makes stranger ones still.

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Training PCA Leaders in the Western States

What if there was a way for men and women to stay in their local church and get a virtual seminary education while being mentored and getting real-world ministry experience?

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Film About PCA Pastor Earns Critical Recognition

The documentary was created by Grain, a St. Louis-based creative firm that helps its clients create beauty and uproot ugliness. Director John Pa hoped that sharing Higgins’ story would “at least start a conversation about these prejudices we have in our heads, minds, and hearts.”

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by Paul Hahn, MNA Coordinator
Church Renewal As a Way of Life

According to MNA Coordinator Paul Hahn, church renewal is our denomination’s “need of the hour.” By any quantitative standard, Hahn says — baptisms, conversions, giving, new members — about a third of PCA churches are in need of renewal.

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