Christ’s Model for Revitalizing Churches

Since 1996, “Embers to a Flame” conferences have helped shepherd dozens of churches through the revitalization process each year, including churches overseas and in multiple denominations.

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For MNA Disaster Response,
 a Flood Opens Doors

As pastors from the six PCA churches in the Baton Rouge area inform Disaster Response about the needs around them, site manager Keith Perry dispatches volunteers to help.

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Our Union
 With Christ

A diminished view of union with Christ, Wilbourne believes, brings a diminished view of salvation: We may know what Christ saved us from, “but we lost sight of what God has saved us for.”

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The Gospel According to Daniel

“Christ’s grace does not wait until the last chapters of Matthew to make its appearance.” Rather, it is “the dawning light increasing throughout Scripture toward the day of the Savior.”

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A Thanksgiving List

When asked what they’re thankful for, 85 percent of Americans say their health and/or their family. So it’s no surprise that nearly 90 percent of us will be sharing Thanksgiving dinner with family.

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