The Ascension

If we are to recover the practical import of Jesus’ exaltation for the Christian life, then we must first explore the theological significance of this odd but awesome event.

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by Melissa Morgan Kelley
Embedding Rich Music in Young Hearts

Hill is in the process of raising funds to share the production with other churches. She also recently finished an album of hymns she has adapted for children. “I’m passionate about kids understanding how they fit in the ‘big C’ church continuum throughout history,” she said.

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The Christian-Cultural Complex

Nebuchadnezzar observed both Daniel’s faithful service and his prayers to the one true God. The Romans knew the first Christians by both their refusal to worship idols and their adoption of abandoned babies.

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by TE Mike Higgins, Senior Pastor of South City Church
PCA Voices

Higgins’ journey to the PCA was marked by a series of friendships with welcoming individuals who affirmed that the denomination would benefit from more minorities like Higgins.

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Robertson, Ince, and Kwon to Preach at General Assembly

Dr. George Robertson, Dr. Irwyn Ince, and the Rev. Duke Kwon will preach at the evening worship services during the 2017 General Assembly in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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