Re-Membering the Body
by Walter Henegar

Ambivalence toward formal church membership is increasingly common, and not without reasons.

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A Healthy Estate
by Alan Dowd

Adam was not alone. The earth was teeming with living things. But that was the problem: none of those living things were like him, none were suitable for him, none could heal his aloneness.

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Power Struggle
by Richard Doster

We’re not to be swayed by fickle public opinion, or the latest fad, or by some deception that entices susceptible minds. These “prescriptions and doctrines of men,” Paul warns, lure us away from Christ and rob of us of life’s meaning.

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Sexual Violence
by Susan Fikse

Because it’s disturbing to talk about, we sanitize the most personal, traumatic of experiences for public, political consumption. But the cultural foundations that lead to sexual violence extend layers beneath the political landscape.

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How Should We Then Live — In Babylon?
by Rev. Canon Phil Ashey

Culturally, we are in Babylon and are facing solipsism (the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist) as our fundamental philosophical point of reference.

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