A Second Look at Politically Correct Trends in Higher  Education

My prayer is that a spirit of Christian charity will help us look beyond the extremes and keep us from trading in unwarranted caricatures. There are principles associated with these practices that are worth understanding and defending.

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by TE Sean Michael Lucas
The Risk of Losing the Gospel

For 45 years the PCA has stood for the gospel, and in the past decade the denomination has begun thinking seriously about applying the gospel to social issues. In doing so, Lucas is concerned that we might follow the path of progressives in the previous generation and lose the gospel.

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An Imperative of Compassion

As nations and governments close borders and answer the cries of the vulnerable with fear and anger, MTW missionaries around the world are responding with the love of Christ, working with and through local churches to address the needs of refugees everywhere.

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A Faith of Infinite Ideas & Innovation

We thrive — economically, culturally, and socially — when somebody creates something new, and something that makes life richer.

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The women’s ministry team at the Committee on Discipleship Ministry (CDM) hopes to provide women with resources to help them think biblically and live covenantally. This, according to Susan Hunt and Karen Hodge, is the core of women’s ministry and the heart of Titus 2 discipleship.

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