How Will You Honor the Fallen?
by Eric Metaxas

So, how is your Memorial Day shaping up? Heading to the pool or the beach? Having friends over for a barbecue? Or maybe catching that sale at the car dealership?

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Corporate Responsibility and Individual Morality
by Alan Dowd

As His people, we are called to imitate Him. But what does that look like in a culture where anything goes, where the only wrong behavior is judging something to be wrong, where an ethos of live-and-let-live tolerance has been supplanted by an attitude of fall-in-line-or-else conformity?

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Can Muslims and Christians Be Good Neighbors?
by Nathan E. Lewis

Both the imam and I made the purpose of The Beaverton Religion Forum clear. We told those gathered that we were not interested in being good neighbors only with those who hold our particular worldview. We made it clear that we were seeking to be good neighbors with those who are polar opposites from us, who practice differently from us.

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What’s Your Story?
by Ann Kroeker

Thinking through our stories, we find our place in His story. God is writing an ongoing story in your life and in mine.

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Healing and Humility
by Megan Fowler

For too long only a few pastors have tried dealing with the issue of race, but most white PCA pastors did not join their efforts. Now white brothers are entering the conversation, and many of them are offering their stories of messiness and humility.

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