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“Love Could Not Be Found in Allah”

Hamid Hatami, an Iranian and Muslim Background Believer Ordained as a Teaching Elder in North Texas Presbytery
Hamid Hatami

Hamid has dedicated himself “to make the Scriptures accessible to Farsi speakers. with this mission: to preach the gospel and teach the truths upon which our Reformed faith stands strong.”

One Year After Devastating Quakes, MTW Continues Relief Ministry

Earthquake, Turkey

For the people in Turkey and the surrounding area, the earthquakes are a tragedy they won’t soon forget or recover from.

RUF Ministries in NYC Find Commonality Across Diverse Campuses


Traditionally, RUF exists for the college campus, but colleges in Manhattan don’t have dorms and classrooms surrounding leafy quads; in many ways, the campus is the city. 

Remembering R.C. Sproul’s ‘The Holiness of God’

Sproul used the word holiness to speak of more than an attribute of God. He used the word to speak of the essence of the being of God, who dwells in inaccessible light.

Designing Ministry with People in Mind

The Chalmers Center Inspires Innovative Ministry
The Chalmers Center

If Stanford and Apple used design thinking to create the iPhone, and Meta used it to create Facebook addicts, what might the same principles do when put to redemptive purposes? 

Imaginations Awakened in the PCA

Wang Yi’s Vision for the Chinese House Churches
Wang Yi, Chinese house church

Three themes from Wang Yi’s writing come to the forefront of what is inspiring PCA pastors and theologians.

Indispensable Pests

The hidden intricacy of creation, and why Christians should care

God’s creation is vast and complex — an infinitely interconnected puzzle of creatures and plants, minerals and microorganisms, all fitting together in a delicate ecological balance.

The Political Influence of Tim Keller


In the weeks following Keller’s death, Garriott learned of several key figures on both sides of the political aisle who remain highly influenced by Keller’s voice.

Born Again on the Fourth of July

Contemplating the Layers of Meaning

For the Christian, our citizenship in any nation aims to be “worthy of the gospel of Christ” (Philippians 1:27), not merely worthy of that political state.

The Complexity of Immigration 
and the Undeserved Grace of the Gospel


As a scared, vulnerable stranger who has endured a horrific journey with hope for a new life in a new country, how would I want to be treated?

Of Interest Around The Web

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