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The Church and Your Neighborhood

If your church closed today, would anyone in the community know the difference?

A fundamental part of being a local church is that it is in fact, local.

Thinking Christianly About the Economy


Our prayers for the economy will be answered only as people find themselves called as God’s image bearers to pursue a healthy economy in their community.

One Pastor’s Pandemic Story


Through the pandemic we’ve rediscovered that we’re embodied creatures and that our physical connection is important — and a blessing.

Women Need Sexual Sanity Too

Harvest USA’s latest curriculum encourages gospel-centered obedience
Sexual Sanity for Women

Christian women need a full understanding of the gospel to break the cycle of sexual sin.

Socially Distant: COVID-19 exposed a preexisting pandemic of isolation for which Christian community ought to be a balm


Remembering who and what we are has implications for waging war against isolation. One of the most important is that we will understand that it is family — and, perhaps counterintuitively, not friendship — that is the true antidote for loneliness.

What Kingdom Story Are We Telling?


One reason for emphasizing these distinctions is to make sure that we are telling the right story when it comes to the kingdom.

On a Missions Mission

Mark Bates Hopes to Raise the Next Generation of MTW Missionaries
Mission to the world

Getting opportunities to share MTW’s vision and exhort young Christians to step out in faith and join the mission field requires a depth of connections and access to the pulpit. As a pastor, Bates has both.

What is CRT, and Should We Be Concerned?


The first of three posts on Dr. Pat Sawyer’s thoughts and concerns about CRT.

Struggling to Untangle the Atlanta Shooting

Was it racism? Sex addiction? Fueled by hate? Yes. 

Like my mom coming to America, I came to Atlanta without the expectation of acceptance, but I have been fully embraced by neighbors, colleagues, fellow believers, students and families that I work with.

Pandemic Presents Challenges for Missionaries Abroad

byFaith spoke with several missionaries in the fall 2020 about their experiences in the field and the unique stresses that COVID-19 has placed on them.

Of Interest Around The Web

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