Embodied Hope

We must deal with pain and suffering truthfully — as Scripture does — and following the example of Christ.

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Created & Creating

After a half-century’s search, Edgar is certain: “The Bible teaches that cultural engagement before the living God is, along with worship, the fundamental calling for the human race.” 

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Departing in Peace: Making Wise End-of-Life Decisions

Ultimately serving Jesus is our top priority — not pursuing long life at any cost. All the gifts we have, including time, energy, talent, and finances, come from Him and we want to be mindful of serving Him in all these areas, even as we approach the end of our lives.

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What might it look like, then, if Christian rules for sexual restraint were grounded in deference? What if, in their professional and social interactions with women, Christian men were primarily oriented toward honoring the worth, interests, and goals of women?

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by Chris Hutchinson
Bridal Tables and Inner Rings

People may put themselves forward rather than trusting God to promote them in His season. This kind of behavior is almost always a failure to remember the gospel. Only God’s opinion really matters, and He has said that in Christ, believers are the apple of his eye.

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