by Interviewed by Richard Doster and John Robertson
Knowing the Reality of Our Triune God

In the final analysis Packer writes, “What matters supremely is not that I know God, but the larger fact which underlies that knowledge: He knows me.”

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Thankful They Embraced the Risk

I thank God today for the service and the sacrifice of 24.5 million veterans in America.

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Healing Soles, Ministering 
to Souls

Twice a year, members transform the church’s fellowship chapel into a free foot-care clinic. Local residents, many of whom are homeless, receive professional care from trained nurses.

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Stumbling into Grace

The book is filled with anecdotes about Khandjian’s own foibles — from pouting over a poor performance at a church softball game to careless comments toward a gang member on a Miami beach — as well as stories of witnessing God’s work of restoration in the lives of his friends and family.

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Embodied Hope

We must deal with pain and suffering truthfully — as Scripture does — and following the example of Christ.

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