Beneath Gillette’s “What Is A Man?” Controversy

What both sides of this contentious debate hold in common is a vision of masculinity at its best.

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Gospel Comfort for Caregivers: Six Ways Your Church Can Help

Most churches care well for the sick, but sometimes the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of caregivers are overlooked.

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“When we enter the new Eden, our Sabbath rest, the final temple, the New Jerusalem, we’ll begin to experience all that God has intended for us all along.”

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by Christina Fox for The Gospel Coalition

Like many idols, the idol of parenting success can be difficult to identify, because it’s an idol crafted around something good.

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PCA Elder Starts Camp for Foster and Adoptive Families

According to Child Welfare, approximately 10 percent of U.S. adoptions fail each year. Mike Spencer says he hopes that Camp Courage can bring that number down in Indiana.

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