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: Worshipping Jesus in 2014

Thoughts on
 Matthew 2:1-12

Christmas is not over yet.

While our rushed, retail-driven culture wants to start the Christmas season in October and end it on Dec. 26, the traditional church calendar extends Christmas until Epiphany.

When God’s Answers Aren’t What We Wanted

Have you ever prayed for A and gotten B? Maybe you have an A on your prayer list now, but B may come. It would be interesting to know what lessons you can learn from biblical verses that relate to the prayers of Job, Paul, the Philippians, and Jesus, all of whom asked for A and received B.

Christian Freedom: Grasping the Motivation to Love

We should note the Scripture’s use of the word “fear” in two distinct senses. There is the fear of terror and dread, and the fear of veneration and honor.

Why Does a Good God Permit Evil?

We all experience evil on a regular basis. It doesn’t seem to fit with the idea of a God who is good and all-powerful.

He Heals All Your Diseases

Even in the midst of our suffering, believe it or not, the Lord is in control.

Prayer: A Fresh Understanding of Sub-Mission

One of the most basic ways a husband can sacrifice for his wife is through intercessory prayer.

Of Interest Around The Web

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