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Beautiful Community is Already a Reality

Beautiful Community

Because all creation’s beauty has God as its source, humanity was destined for beautiful community.

The Ascension

Completing the Arc of the Gospel Story
The Ascension

If we are to recover the practical import of Jesus’ exaltation for the Christian life, then we must first explore the theological significance of this odd but awesome event.

The Design and Scope of the Atonement


Our understanding of the nature of God impacts strongly and decisively our understanding of the design and scope of the Atonement.

Doctrine, Preferences, and Cross-cultural Life in the Church

Even as churches strive to be faithful to the Lord, that faithfulness is often necessarily expressed through preferences.

Pastor-Artist Illustrates Primer on the Sacraments

Twelve chapters lay out the basics of the Reformed faith

In 2013, when Jason Dorsey pastored Redeemer Presbyterian in Indianapolis, he often met kids from the 16 Park apartments, a subsidized-housing complex several blocks from the church. Redeemer members had started an after-school program in the neighborhood, and some of the youngsters had begun showing up for church. Before long, having observed Redeemer’s weekly practice…

A Crown of Beauty in the Hand of the Lord


Humanity’s destiny is in community. It is in beautiful community that we image God as we live out our love for him doing what he commissioned us to do.

For the Love of the Catechism

While retaining the beauty of the original language of the Catechism, Greenwald employs personal story and example to make its concepts understandable and accessible.

Relationships, Flourishing, and a Biblical Story of Change

How Our Theology Shapes Our Care for the Poor

Human flourishing is to be a well-balanced wheel.

Grieving the Loss of my Spiritual Father

In the end, laments join in the deep groanings of the Spirit as we await the great final day, crying out, “Come, Lord Jesus.”

Proof of God

How the Natural World Reveals its Creator

Many of us, stung by the far-reaching effects of Darwinism, are skeptical of science, even though we live by its discoveries. Yet Romans teaches us that the natural world is there to tell us important things clearly, even giving proof that God exists.

Of Interest Around The Web

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