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RUF Ministers Find Creative Ways to Foster Community


The ability to connect with students, develop relationships, and foster community is essential to campus ministry. So, what impact have coronavirus-related restrictions had on RUF ministry this year?

Nature Proclaims Biblical Truths. Are We Listening?

In “Turning of Days,” Hannah Anderson urges readers to look closely at creation to learn about its Creator.

Readers need not move to the country or go for a walk in the woods to observe nature’s work (although Anderson recommends both), but they must pay attention.

Our Unquenchable Appetite for Excellence

We Are Made With a Longing For Beauty

It is not hard to imagine how the world would thrive when filled with a people pressing forward in their calling, being blessed and blessing in return. It looks and feels like shalom.

A Prayer for Joseph R. Biden

A Petition for the 46th President of the United States

May this administration, which belongs to you, bring you praise, honor, and glory.

Four Biblical Responses to the Capitol Assault

Dr. Jim Denison offers biblical context on this tragic moment in our nation’s history.

Hope For a Healthier, Happier New Year

A life that brims with that kind of hope will, from the world’s perspective, look a little different.

Repeat the Sounding Joy

Songs that Sow Seeds

Twelve of the 18 most-recorded Christmas songs in America, eight of the top 10, and all of the top six fall on the “more Jesus” side of Time’s ledger.

Integrating Sports and Faith: In Conversation with Dr. Tim Sceggel

The influence of sports on our culture and lives is undeniable. How does our faith fit into all this?

Life of the Body in a Famine of Touch

The coronavirus estranged us from regular physical touch. Where do we go from here?

Hymns from the Trenches

Hymns have a unique power to impress things on the soul in ways that go beyond a sermon.

Of Interest Around The Web

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