Restoring a Sense of Place

Taylor is an architectural conservator, and his job is to help communities preserve their sense of place.

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Ascended and Enfleshed

The theological vision and the network of fellowship that Mission Anabaino creates help sustain its members as they slog through the trenches of church planting.

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How  Reading Well Shapes our Character

If the winter weather inspires you to curl up with a book, your cozy reading chair can become not just an escape but a classroom. Time spent reading can be time spent learning virtue.

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Keeping Spheres In Bounds

“There are certain core values any Christian can grasp — love, justice, faithfulness,” Doriani said. “We need to mentor and train people in their spheres so that doctors, restauranteurs, bankers, and builders who are believers can find these principles and share them with others.”

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by Interviewed by Richard Doster
Love Thy Body

Pearcey explores our culture’s views 
of sexuality and offers an honest, compassionate, 
and thoroughly Christian response.

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