by Megan Fowler
Music With Hope

I would be gratified if these pieces pointed to hope that is grounded in truth. Hope that is not grounded in truth is sentimentalism, and it is always disappointing.

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Using Hymns to Build Our Faith

“Congregational singing is a high and holy privilege, and it’s also a command. It has an effect on individual spiritual formation but also joins believers together and can serve as a radical witness.”

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Film About PCA Pastor Earns Critical Recognition

The documentary was created by Grain, a St. Louis-based creative firm that helps its clients create beauty and uproot ugliness. Director John Pa hoped that sharing Higgins’ story would “at least start a conversation about these prejudices we have in our heads, minds, and hearts.”

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Community Through Storytelling

Drew Belz, a 2010 Covenant College graduate and an elder at New City East Lake PCA in Chattanooga, is a co-founder of Fancy Rhino, a media and advertising company that provides video content for national brands and tells original stories through feature documentaries.

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The Mission Field Down
 the Hall

Walt Mueller equips adults to see student ministry for what it is: a cross-cultural mission field.

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