‘Waiting Songs’ Encourages Advent Hope
by Megan Fowler

Waiting Songs, the new album from musical collective Rain for Roots, offers children and their parents something substantial to consider during Advent.

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Ernest Hemingway and the Gospel
by Brian Douglas

If it weren’t for the fact that Ernest Hemingway has been a cultural icon since the 1920s, one could say that he has had something of a resurgence in popularity during the past couple of years.

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PCA Faculty Network Aims to Unite Academic Exiles
by Susan Fikse

The Institute for Jewish & Community Research found in a study that college faculty share significantly more negative feelings toward evangelical Christians than toward any other religious group.

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The Autistic Road to Belief
by Staff

On July 9, 2014, P&R Publishing released the first four booklets in a series on faithful learning. Edited by Dr. Jay Green, Covenant College history professor, the “Faithful Learning” series explores various academic disciplines from a Christian perspective.

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