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Joyful Obedience to All of God’s Word

Kathy Keller considers herself the PCA’s staunchest proponent of complementarianism and the denomination’s most vehement opponent of ordaining women to authoritative office. The reason, ultimately, is simple: God’s Word speaks clearly on the issue.

Grasping the Reality of Embodiment

We’re forever praying about health. We intercede for our suffering friends, asking God to heal them and alleviate their pain. But in a world where we’re all moving toward decay and physical difficulty, should that be our main concern?

Humility to Love as God Loves

In this talk, Bryan Chapell explores how we must change to become a part of the future church and how our fidelity to Scripture and our commitment to the Reformed faith — rather than being a source of contention among us — must become fuel for the Great Commission.

Caught in Multiple Worlds

Reflections on the PCA's Korean Churches

In this latest installment of our video series, PCA Voices, Jun provides his perspective on the history and future of the Korean church.

The Risk of Losing the Gospel

For 45 years the PCA has stood for the gospel, and in the past decade the denomination has begun thinking seriously about applying the gospel to social issues. In doing so, Lucas is concerned that we might follow the path of progressives in the previous generation and lose the gospel.

PCA Voices

Becoming an Uncommon Family

Higgins’ journey to the PCA was marked by a series of friendships with welcoming individuals who affirmed that the denomination would benefit from more minorities like Higgins.

A Theology of Race

Jemar Tisby, president of the Reformed African American Network, offers a brief biblical theology of race.

The Joyful Surprises of Team Ministry

Joe Novenson readily admits that the model for ministry developed at Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church did not come about by human wisdom. Through God’s providence, the church leadership discovered a practice that would change the pastors and the church.

Transparency and Speaking the Truth in Love

Encouraging Deep Relationships in the Church

One of the biggest issue in our churches today, says Tim Geiger, is a lack of transparency. As a result, we have people who struggle with difficult issues — lust, substance abuse, eating disorders — but who have nowhere to go. For them, the church isn’t safe; it’s not where they go to find the help they need.

What if Immigrants are the Answer to Our Prayers?

For centuries, the church has prayed for the nations to come to know Christ. What if the Lord, by bringing the nations to us, is saying, “Here you go. Here’s your opportunity.”?

One Church’s Path to Racial Diversity

Robertson describes how, through the “messy work of the Gospel,” God has taken a congregation from its racist past to aggressively becoming a multi-ethnic congregation.

An Every Tribe/Every Nation Denomination

Missional Zeal and Biblical Authority

In this new monthly feature, PCA leaders discuss the topics that are most on their minds.

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