Joyful Obedience to All of God’s Word
By Kathy Keller

Kathy Keller considers herself the PCA’s staunchest proponent of complementarianism and the denomination’s most vehement opponent of ordaining women to authoritative office. The reason, ultimately, is simple: God’s Word speaks clearly on the issue.

Keller was once on track to become an ordained minister — until the truth of Scripture “handed [her] a problem.” God’s Word, she says, re-edited, re-shaped, and repurposed her life. But in the process, she saw firsthand how some read Scripture to see what they want to see, and ignore the passages that make them squirm.

Therefore, the thing she prizes most about the PCA is its commitment to Scripture. And, in this installment of PCA Voices she encourages viewers to joyfully obey all of God’s Word, not just the parts that make us most comfortable.

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