By now, you’ve probably heard about the video released by the Center for Medical Progress featuring Planned Parenthood’s Director of Medical Services, Deborah Nucatola.

There are so many things you could say after viewing it, but all I could come up with was “Lord, have mercy!” And I meant that as a prayer, not merely as an interjection.

In the video, Nucatola describes “how Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of aborted fetuses.”  She tells actors posing as potential buyers that “At the national office, we have a Litigation and Law Department which just really doesn’t want us to be the middle people for this issue right now . . . But I will tell you that behind closed doors these conversations are happening with the affiliates.”

Even more chilling than the admission that Planned Parenthood sells body parts of aborted fetuses is the care that Planned Parenthood doctors take not to damage the “product.”

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