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Spiritual social dilemma

Our Spiritual Social Dilemma

Shining light into a dark place.

The power of words

The Power Of Words

Illustration By Mike McQuade

The feature essays in the spring issue all addressed one issue: our speech.

Worshipping God by Admiring His Creation

How do we live with growing appreciation and gratitude for Christ’s sustenance through the natural world? How do we experience God through intimate knowledge of His creation?

Nurturing a Holy Curiosity

When we root ourselves in truth, a holy curiosity can lead to a deepening awe that increases our faith in God.

Spiritual Hardiness in a Cushy World

How do we prepare for adversity?

When times are easy, suffering can surprise us and mess with our minds so profoundly that we forget who we are in Christ.

Building Relationships with Hammers, Saws, and Screwdrivers

Home Repair Ministries Helps Homeowners in Need

“It was a response to the Gospel calling us to love our neighbors as ourselves,” Anderson explains. “The church wanted to bring a balance between word and deed ministry and create an appealing service opportunity for men.”

What’s Your Story?

Thinking through our stories, we find our place in His story. God is writing an ongoing story in your life and in mine.

byFaith Golden Rule

Do Unto Others — Everyone, Everywhere

Unselfish Lives Have Eternal Consequences

Jesus commands us to look beyond our own needs to actively serve people the way we’d like to be served — to love our neighbors as ourselves.

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