PCA Unity Fund Has Awarded 41 scholarships
By Staff

In 2016, the 44th General Assembly approved the creation of the PCA Unity Fund to assist minority ministry leaders with theological education and establishing their ministries. Of 4,882 teaching elders in the PCA, 10 percent are Korean or Korean-American, 1 percent are African-American, and less than 1 percent are Latino.

The purpose of the Unity Fund is to break down some of the financial barriers that keep minorities out of PCA ministries and to work toward a denomination that resembles the church as described in Revelation 7.  

Scott Bridges, a PCA teacher elder, is the Unity Fund development coordinator. Bridges will focus on five areas of need: seminary tuition subsidies; General Assembly expense subsidies for elders and ministry candidates; two years of salary for minorities serving as assistant pastors in the PCA; research on the role of Reformed minority scholars, theologians, and pastors in church history; and resources for minorities called to serve with Mission to the World or Reformed University Fellowship.

Bridges, who began his work in April 2018, hopes to establish a $200,000 annual budget for scholarships and a $5 million endowment that will be managed by the PCA Foundation.

Funding comes from supporting churches and presbyteries. The Unity Fund has raised $213,570 and awarded 41 scholarships since its creation. 

To learn more about the Unity Fund, including information on donating, visit pcamna.org/unity-fund.

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