The Rev. William Iverson would like to see the vision for starting ethnically diverse congregations spread throughout the PCA. So he’s helping to coordinate a special PCA-DNA Conference — “Out of Our Comfort Zones and Into the World” — scheduled for April 25-28 at the Ridge Haven Conference Center in Brevard, N.C.

Multicultural and ethnic ministry will be the focus. “Our goal is simple,” Iverson said. “Recapturing the DNA of the PCA: Gospel-driven churches with Christ-centered programs and Spirit-filled leadership.”

Leaders for conference sessions will include Randy Nabors, Renato Bernardes, and Al Baker — all pastors of multi-ethnic congregations — and Charles Dunahoo, PCA Coordinator for Christian Education and Publications.

The conference will tackle a number of topics, including:

•    Revival and reformation
•    Multicultural and ethnic ministry
•    Small church growth and how a small church can plant a church
•    Reaching the cities from where you are
•    Building biblically literate churches

For more information, contact Iverson, at, or call 732-877-9373.