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CDM Adds Student Ministry Resources

CDM leadership hopes that conference attendees sense how valuable they are to the PCA and that their sense of connection to each other and the denomination as a whole is strengthened.

Poking Around the PCA’s Attic

Our conversation with Wayne Sparkman, director 
of the PCA Historical Center.
Wayne Sparkman

Though the center exists primarily to archive the records of each General Assembly, there’s far more to it than that.

Ruling Elders Reflect on Christ’s Vision for the PCA

ruling elder

For these ruling elders, what unites the PCA far exceeds what divides the denomination.

Katie Flores Wants the Church to Listen to the Littlest Sheep, Our Children


“I long for children to be seen as a vital part of the covenant family. They are the littlest sheep, and we get to point them to the best Shepherd, Jesus!”

Integrating Singles Into the Life of the Church

Our conversation with Jenilyn Swett

What does faithful living look like for a single person within the Body of Christ?

Let’s Help All Believers Root Their Identity in Christ

An alternative view to “What’s Happening in the PCA?”

The same AIC Report that speaks so truthfully on the issue of identity also speaks graciously concerning the exercise of gentle love for struggling sinners.

Let’s Isolate our Differences, Explain our Views, and Persuade our Brothers

An alternative view to “What’s Happening in the PCA?”

If we are to have any hope of constructive dialogue across “party lines” in the PCA, then we need to do better than to argue that there are no substantive differences between us after all, or that those who express concern are simply overreacting.

Five Criteria for Evaluating BCO Amendments


I came to realize my need for a coherent “philosophy” for evaluating BCO amendments.

What’s Happening in the PCA?

Our denomination is not in danger of becoming a progressive, mainline church.

What is going on now is, with one significant difference, what has been going on in the PCA almost from the beginning. 

Seeing Strangers, Aliens, and Sojourners Through God’s Eyes


Search Scripture for the words “stranger, “alien,” and “sojourner,” and note God’s attitude and commands concerning interaction with them. Invite your congregation to do this with you. 

Of Interest Around The Web

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