Devotion for September 15

The share of the one who goes into battle is to be the same as the share of the one who remains with the supplies. They will share equally (1 Sam. 30:24 CSV).

Janette Alexander, wife of the great 19th-century theologian Archibald Alexander, was treasured by her family for her scriptural insights.

Although she lacked the formal training of her husband, her son – who also became a famous Bible teacher – often sought her insights. He said his mother’s heart, tuned by walking closely with God, granted understanding worth more than all the commentaries in the world.

In this wonderful compliment, we can glimpse God’s perfect perspective that treasures every person according to his purposes. Jannette Alexander was not a seminary professor. But as a wife and mother, she steadied and deepened the faith all family members would need to fulfill God’s plan for their lives that would touch millions.

The world may only recognize the gifts of a Billy Graham, Charles Spurgeon, or John Knox, but we should understand the honor due the mother, Sunday school teacher, or camp counselor who nurtured faith in such a person.

Because our lives are so interwoven in God’s divine plan, one who enables another to fight for God is just as important as the one on the battlefield – both are needed for the battle. God uses and treasures both!

Lord, help me to serve you with the gifts you have given by believing you treasure my role in your plan. Weave my gifts into the tapestry of your purpose to build up those who are needed for your battles.

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