Covenant College Sees Spike in Prospective Student Interest
By Lydia Berglar
Covenant College

As many schools, both public and private, drift from their original educational mandates, Covenant College continues to build upon its academic purpose while unflinchingly maintaining its core, Christ-centered mission. And this is likely playing a role in a spike of prospective student interest, up 50% from previous years.

Part of the reason for this spike is that Covenant is creating new ways to share its unique strength: its blend of academic, spiritual, and professional development. “We are better telling our story to prospective students, and our story is resonating,” said John Horton, Covenant’s director of marketing and communications. “As we reach new audiences — those who may not be familiar with Covenant or even the PCA — we find that students are searching for a biblically grounded, academically excellent, relationally rich learning experience. Even some who may not have considered Covenant before are now giving us a look.”

This year’s Summer Institute more than doubled the enrollment of previous years and filled nearly every spot.

One new way Covenant is sharing its story with interested students and families is through a streamlined narrative called the “Covenant Ascent.” Describing a Covenant education as an “integrated faith and learning journey that prepares graduates for successful lives and careers,” the Covenant Ascent affirms a Covenant education as biblical formation for the rest of students’ lives.

A Week With Like-Minded Students at Covenant College

Another way Covenant tells its story is through its Summer Institute. High school students attending the Summer Institute spend one week in July on Covenant’s campus while taking classes from college faculty and earning college credit. They also experience community with like-minded high schoolers through fun events and group devotions.

Remarkably, this year’s Summer Institute more than doubled the enrollment of previous years and filled nearly every spot. And due to this year’s demand, Covenant will expand its Summer Institute offerings next year.

The new students are eager to participate in all that Covenant has to offer. Zack Mabry, class of 2025, notes that the academics and strong theological foundation drew him to Covenant. “I’m most looking forward to professors and classes. I’m majoring in philosophy and biblical and theological studies, and the opportunity to study philosophy from a biblical perspective under Dr. [William] Davis and Dr. [John] Wingard is incredible.”

While Covenant faculty and staff recruit students who will thrive at the college, it is ultimately up to God to bless Covenant’s efforts, says Horton. “When we can’t fully explain the success ourselves, when we look around in amazement at what’s been accomplished, that’s what it looks like when God shows up,” at the college and in kids’ lives.

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