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Devotion for March 22

We know we are God’s children when we believe him to be the One who sent Jesus to die for our sins.

Devotion for March 21

Jesus alone taught that we could not reach to God, so he mercifully reached to us through his Son.

Devotion for March 20

Even when we have reason to doubt our own abilities, we are called to put our faith in God.

Devotion for March 19

We can only require what God commands, and among those commands is this: Do not quarrel over disputable matters.

Devotion for March 18

Without sacrificing one iota of his glory, God perfectly balances every measure of mercy and consequence.

Devotion for March 15

Our Lord’s great mercy should rouse love to honor him all the more, making his glory our heart’s desire and our life’s song.

Devotion for March 14

When we forgive as we have been forgiven, we radiate Christ’s love and experience it.

Devotion for March 13

So counter-intuitive are so many aspects of the gospel that we require the work of the Holy Spirit to understand God’s grace.

Devotion for March 12

Covenant love gives people security despite their sin, a foundation to start over again, and a willingness to forgive for the sake of another.

Devotion for March 11

Our submission is never because of another person’s deserving but for all persons’ blessing.

Of Interest Around The Web

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