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Devotion for April 5

We honor the God who made us when we treat our bodies, souls, and consciences with his care.

Devotion for April 4

God’s resurrection promises of loved ones’ security in heaven until our eternal reunion can provide profound comfort.

Devotion for April 3

God’s glory is revealed in the eternal peace that Jesus won.

Devotion for April 2

Christ’s love makes us want to do his work, and his resurrection power in us makes that possible. 

Devotion for April 1

When we grasp nothing but the empty cross as the basis of our standing before God, then those empty hands are filled the grace to love, and live for, him. 

Devotion for Good Friday

Good Friday is not the end of Jesus’ story.

Devotion for March 28

God’s plan will continue to unfold until all the works of the devil are destroyed.

Devotion for March 27

The gospel assures us of that the infinitely holy and able God lifts us to himself “because of his own purpose and grace.”

Devotion for March 26

Paul put on his gospel glasses to see himself and others through the lens of grace.

Devotion for March 25

Apart from God we can do nothing, but through him who strengthens us, we can do all things.

Of Interest Around The Web

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