On Wednesday morning, June 19, Dr. L. Roy Taylor, stated clerk of the PCA General Assembly, provided commissioners with a summary of key statistics from 2012. Such data, Taylor said, provides insight into the health and vibrancy of the denomination.

At the close of 2012, Taylor informed the Assembly that the PCA was officially comprised of 1,474 particular churches, 303 mission churches, and 4,321 ministers. He went on to suggest, however, that there may be as many as 100 churches and 200 ministers who have not been reported to his office.

Still, according to the latest reported data:

  • There are now 1,777 churches and missions — a net increase of six.
  • In 2012, there were 9,145 total professions of faith — a decrease of 922.
  • Total membership in the PCA is 364,019 — an increase of 12,613.
  • There are 138,010 “family units” in the denomination — an increase of 502.
  • Sunday school attendance is 101,809 — a decrease of 817.
  • Per capita giving is $2,580 — an increase of $119.
  • Per capita benevolences are $440 — an increase of $4.
  • Total “congregational disbursements” were reported to be $743,643,457 — an increase of $35,960,789.