Duncan–Mohler Seminar: Commending and Defending the Truth of Scripture

Dr. Ligon Duncan III, pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Miss., and Dr. Albert Mohler Jr., president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, will discuss the truthfulness of Scripture and how to commend it in the 21st century. The discussion will be held Thursday at 8 a.m. in room 202.

According to the seminar’s organizers, “One of the distinctives of the evangelical Protestant resurgence that began in the mid-20th century is a high view of Scripture.” It is arguable, many believe, that a key factor in the spread of Reformed influence is that during the so-called “Battle for the Bible,” Reformed theologians — including Packer, Sproul, Boice, Schaeffer, Henry, and Carson — came to be known as able defenders of Scripture’s inerrancy. And during the era when expository preaching returned to prominence, Reformed preachers — including Piper, Alexander, Ferguson, Chapell, Keller, and Begg — became known for their robust, textual, exegetical, and Christ-centered preaching.

In short, Reformed theologians came to be known as “the Bible guys.” But we have now entered a new era with new challenges to the nature of Scripture (even from within evangelicalism). We need solid, steady, informed, happy, confident, and humble Reformed re-engagement on this issue.

This seminar aims to chart a course for commending and defending the total truthfulness of Scripture in a skeptical era in which its claims are often undermined.

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