At a recent graduation ceremony of four men, the Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine (ERSU), the seminary of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ukraine, celebrated its 10th anniversary as well as its spreading influence in the region.

At present, 31 churches across Ukraine and neighboring Belarus have pastors or associate pastors trained by the seminary, including all seven churches of the Ukrainian Evangelical Reformed Churches and eight churches of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ukraine (EPCU, started by the Mission to the World Ukraine team). Other present students, former students, and graduates serve actively in their churches or in various other Christian ministries including orphanages, drug rehab centers, ministry to the blind, and Christian education. 

ERSU, located in Kiev, Ukraine, was founded in 2000 through a partnership of Mission to the World (MTW) and the Reformed Church of the Netherlands (Liberated), and focuses on high educational standards.

“ERSU is not only ‘raising the bar’ in theological education in Ukraine by demanding the same requirements as Western programs, but we are integrating the practical work with the academic and spiritual,” said seminary president and MTW missionary Clay Quarterman. “Students are required to use information from each course in living situations in their home churches—teaching Bible studies, preaching, or counseling. The result is that our graduates leave seminary with church-planting experience under their belt.

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