by President Mark Dalbey and the Faculty of Covenant Seminary 

The purpose of Covenant Theological Seminary is to glorify the Triune God by training his servants to WALK in God’s grace, MINISTER God’s Word, and EQUIP God’s people — ALL for God’s MISSION.

Covenant Seminary recently strengthened its systematic theology department by positioning it in a larger newly named area called “missional” theology. This change has prompted some questions from friends and others as to whether Covenant, as an historic Reformed seminary and the denominational seminary of the Presbyterian Church in America, has in some way altered or diminished its commitment to systematic theology. The answer is not at all. In light of such questions and concerns, we present the following for consideration.

First, a bit of history. In 2010 the board of trustees of Covenant Seminary (whose voting membership is composed of PCA ruling and teaching elders elected by the General Assembly) adopted a revised purpose statement with the primary adaptation being the inclusion of the clause “all for God’s mission” at the end.

Read the full rationale for the change here.