The Standing Judicial Commission (SJC) received a protest from teaching elder (TE) Grover Gunn regarding the SJC’s decision taken Nov. 5, 2013 to answer Overtures 2013-20, 21, and 22 in the negative. The overtures requested that the General Assembly assume original jurisdiction over TE Peter Leithart and try him for alleged aberrant theological views.

TE Gunn was the sole dissenting vote among the SJC members on the ruling. He filed a protest under Book of Church Order (BCO) 45-3. The SJC accepted the protest as being temperately worded and respectful to the court.

In accordance with BCO 45-5 the SJC appointed a sub-committee to prepare an answer to the protest. The SJC’s answer will be made public with it is approved by the full commission.

To view Gunn’s protest, please click here.