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Old Hymns for Our Day: An Interview with Kevin Twit and Isaac Wardell

Over the last few years, hymns have made a comeback in many churches. At Sojourn Community Church, in Louisville, Kentucky, we rediscovered hymns, and it revitalized our corporate worship.

Bifrost: Enriching the Church and Engaging the World … Through Singing

Isaac Wardell and Joseph Pensak are building a bridge across the worship wars.

Porter's Gate

Felt and Feared No More: The Porter’s Gate to Release a Congregationally-Focused Christmas Album

This Christmas, The Porter’s Gate has produced Advent music that speaks to the complexity of this past year.

The Cry of the Poor: Bifrost Conference

When worship meets obedience

April 22-24—Bifrost Arts presents “The Cry of the Poor,” a conference about “worship, community, and mercy.” Hosted at various churches and cathedrals in downtown Philadelphia, the conference will explore the relationship between worship and obedience. “Bifrost” is a word taken from Norse mythology that refers to a bridge between the gods and the earth. In…

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