In the PCA’s Warrior Presbytery, Riverwood Presbyterian Church and Trinity Presbyterian, both in Tuscaloosa, Ala., have become hubs for relief work throughout the city. Rev. Tim Lien, stated clerk of Warrior Presbytery and head pastor of Riverwood, said in an email that his town is in “shambles.”
In a statement to byFaith, a Riverwood spokesperson said, “The pastors and congregations of Riverwood and Trinity and RUF Alabama are working tirelessly to organize the relief effort. Mission to North America (MNA) was onsite immediately. We ask for prayer that God would provide for the needs in both people willing to serve and the needed resources.”
Ada Moore, wife of Alabama RUF Campus Minister Ryan Moore, said college students are doing most of the cleanup work at this point, since most of them do not have to tend to their own damaged property or to their families and children.
She said they were “excited and encouraged” to see what God would do in Tuscaloosa as MNA invests in the long-term cleanup and restoration of the city. “Hopefully something really beautiful will come out of this as communities are rebuilt and are better places to live than they were before,” she said.
Riverwood is currently a satellite distribution site for supplies to the area, and the church updates its website daily with information on ways to donate or assist. For more information or to register a work crew, visit
In addition to its relief work in Tuscaloosa, MNA has also organized relief efforts in Birmingham and Chattanooga. To donate, click here. To volunteer with MNA, visit here.