Reformed Presbyterian Church in Africa Asks for Prayer
By Administrative Committee Staff

Robert Mabonga, moderator of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Africa (RPCA), has asked the PCA to pray for Uganda.

In an email to Sated Clerk Bryan Chapell, Mabonga explained that the country is hosting some 2,000 Afghan refugees; the first wave of 500 was expected yesterday. Such an influx, he said, “presents a significant challenge” — for the church and the country.

Specifically, the RPCA moderator is asking our denomination to pray for the leaders of Uganda, that they would have the strength and perseverance to help meet the basic needs of the Afghan refugees.

In addition, he’d like us to pray that God will provide the physical, financial, and spiritual resources needed to care for so many displaced people. Finally, he asks us to pray with the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Africa for the country of Afghanistan; that God would bring peace to its people and their leaders.

The request from our African brother reminds us that many, throughout the world and especially in Afghanistan, have felt the impact of this sudden and unexpected crisis. They all need our prayers.

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