The Revival 2K Conference (R2K) series is gearing up for its 2012 edition with an exciting lineup of speakers and musicians. Baltimore’s Faith Christian Fellowship will serve as host for the event, taking place June 1-3. The biannual conference started in 2010 and exists, according to R2K literature, “to help equip God’s people to address some of the significant core issues that face our culture.” Organizers hope that R2K conferences will provide tools for churches to better understand the gospel’s implications in our lives and the world and provide a biblically based framework for life and ministry. Another goal of R2K events is to promote multiethnic church planting within the suburbs of major metro areas.

The theme for Revival 2012 (R2K12) is “The Race Set Before Us: Pursuing Unity for the Sake of the Gospel.” According to conference organizers, participants will “hear, discuss, and pray about what God might be doing to empower His Church to finally put the saying ‘Sunday morning is the most segregated hour of the week’ to rest once and for all.” The main speakers for R2K12 will be the Rev. Irwyn Ince of City of Hope Church (PCA) in Columbia Md., the Rev. Russ Whitfield of Grace Presbyterian Church in Washington D.C., and the Rev. Wy Plummer, Mission to North America’s African American Ministries coordinator. A variety of workshops throughout the weekend will also address some of those “core issues that face our culture.” Speakers such as Dr. Diane Langberg, Rowan Moore, and Timothy Brindle will teach on The Journey of Grief, Recovering from Sexual Abuse, and Integrating Biblically based Hip-Hop into the Church.

In addition to three days of teaching, attendees will also be pursuing unity through worship and music. The conference will feature a full gospel hip-hop concert featuring Timothy Brindle, Believin Stephen, and ChristCentric.

“Conference-goers will be equipped … to incorporate the [workshop] topics into the ministry of the local church,” says Lance Lewis, co-pastor of Christ Liberation Fellowship, and this year’s conference coordinator. “Additionally, conference participants will be involved in a discussion regarding how to be a part of an active multiethnic church-planting launch team.”

The registration fee for R2K12 is $50 before May 29th and $60 after. Registration for full-time college and seminary students is only $25. For more information about the conference, please call 215-360-3146 or email Lance Lewis at